6 Interesting Uses of Mouthwash You Has No Idea about
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6 Interesting Uses of Mouthwash You Has No Idea about


Nowadays people who reuse or reduce the amount of many products they use in order to protect the environment. And not only this, but reusing and reducing also helps people save time, money, and even energy.

And since we love hacks and we love it when different products have different uses, today we have decided to introduce you to a product a lot of people use daily, but do not know what else they may use it for.

Today we are going to show you the different uses of mouthwash you had no idea about. Check them out!

#1 It gets rid of bad smell

There is one type of smell that it very hard to get rid of because it is extremely strong. And this is the onion smell and the smell of garlic as well. Any time I have to cut onions, I feel bad. And this is not because my eyes may end up watering. I actually like the smell of onions.

However, I do not appreciate it when it stays on my fingers for more than a week after I have cut it. Such kind of smells, including the smell of garlic, are very hard to remove from your body, specifically fingers.

And that is where mouthwash comes in. It can help you eliminate this strong smell from your body. What you need to do is to rub a handful of mouthwash, maybe less, on your hands. Rub it for half a minute or so and the smell will vanish.

Other ways you can use mouthwash for getting rid of bad smell is to apply some mouthwash on big cotton balls, or cloths and to place them in garbage bags, or other places which may be radiating nasty odor. Some people also rub their feet with mouthwash if they have smelly feet.

#2 It can keep your flowers fresh

The next use is for those of you who like flowers and regularly have at least a bunch of such at home. You can actually use mouthwash to keep your flowers fresh.

What you need to do if you want to keep your flower fresh longer is to add some mouthwash in their water. You always need to follow the proportion, though – for ½ liter of water add 3 caps of mouthwash. And this is it! Your flowers will look much better.

#3 Use it as a bug repellent

The next mouthwash usage is personally my favorite one because when the summer comes I become a target to a lot of mosquitos and at the end of the summer I not only have mosquito bites all over my body, but some wounds even from all the scratching these bites made me do.

If you also have such problem, then you can use mouthwash as some bug repellent. You can apply some mouthwash on your body if you are about to go out, or you can use some mouthwash spray for the places of your house where bugscan stay the most. The spray will chase them away.

#4 Use it for mosquito bites

And if you have already become the victim of some mosquitoes and you already have bites, you can use mouthwash to reveal the itching. Apply some mouthwash on a cotton ball and carefully rub the infected stops with it. This way you will not scratch and you will not end up having scratching marks all over your body.

#5Use it as a facial toner

Another way you can use mouthwash is as a facial toner. Personally I do not do it often, but when I accidentally end up with no facial toner left at home, I use the mouthwash instead. It is good for your skin because it cleans it and it prevents pimples from flaring up.

And if you have missed to remove some of your makeup because you have not noticed that some of it is still on your face, then the toner-mouthwash will do this job as well. You will also feel your skin fresh and clean.

What you need to do is to apply some mouthwash on a cotton ball and to gently rub your face with it. When you apply it on your face avoid the area around your eyes and if your skin is too sensitive, it is better not to try this hack at all.

#6 It helps get rid of dandruff

The next thing you may use mouthwash for is to get rid of dandruff. Dandruff can be really persistent and not to mention annoying and embarrassing. That is why no one wants it.

What you need to do to prepare this mouthwash remedy for dandruff is to mix one part of mouthwash with one part of water. After you have washed your hair and you are still in the bathroom, you need to apply the mouthwash mixture on your scalp carefully. Let it stay this way for a couple of minutes. Then you need to rinse your head with water.

You should be able to notice the results within the next day, but you may have to repeat it a couple of more times if it has not worked for you the first time.


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