6 Fashion Trends that are Out This Year
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6 Fashion Trends that are Out This Year


Every year, or should I say every fashion season, there are new trends coming. And since there are new ones, it means that some of the old ones will stay in the past. Of course, nothing is permanent when it comes to fashion and this means that some of the trends will be back in the coming years.

Of course, it is hard to predict when exactly, but if you like some in particular, then you can keep your eyes open for them. In the meantime it is best to give some of these past trends a break. To help you find out which ones you should not wear during 2018 if you want to be fashionable, we have prepared for you a list of trends that are out this season. Check them out!

#1 Chokers

Chokers were very popular throughout 2017, especially at the beginning of it. Unfortunately for those of you who still wear them, you need to know that this year it is best to give the chokers a break since they are out of fashion for now.

And this makes a lot of sense since they were so popular last year that most of the people got slightly bored with them. So, yes, keep your chokers aside for some time in the future that they will become popular again and this year you can focus on wearing some statement earring instead since they will be a hit.

#2 Off-shoulder tops

Another trend which constantly come and go is bare shoulders. Some women love showing off their shoulders, especially if they are not much into showing a lot of skin generally. This year, however, it is best to give such clothes some time off because they are not currently a top trend.

If you think about it, they are not that comfortable – it is hard to pick a bra which without straps so they will not show and it is hard to raise your hands because after that you immediately need to fix you top again. Maybe it is not such a bad idea to give up wearing such tops for a while.

#3 Bomber jackets

Sorry, fans of bomber jackets, but you need to give your favorite item a break for a while because they will not be one of this year’s fashion trends. They were a huge year during the past two years and maybe it is about time that people made a change.

Of course, you can put your bomber jacket somewhere in your wardrobe and wait for its comeback, but in the meantime you can focus on wearing some trench coats which will be one of this year’s fashion trends as well as some cover-up jackets.

#4 Boho

I am personally in love with boho style and it definitely feels so sad to give it a break this year. But as any other thing, it is best to give this style a short break to realize once again how cool it is and to wait for its huge comeback. And do not worry, my fellow boho-style lovers, you can still wear such outfits at themed parties and, of course, festivals, like Coachella.

#5 Bucket bags

Apart from the outfit fashion trends you need to forget about this year, there are some additional ones, like the bag trends which you also need to give some break. Last year bucket bags became very popular probably because they are very comfortable and at the same time are not neither too big, nor too small.

This year, unfortunately, they are not a part of the current fashion trends. However, they have been replaced with some also comfortable and cute bag designs, like circle bag and straw bags which will be very popular this spring. Maybe it is time to give some place to the fun shapes and colors once again, especially during the warm months of the year.

#6 Maxi lengths

The last trend which you can put aside this year is often a favorite one to those of you who like to hide their bodies. I am talking about maxi lengths, of course. There are a lot of people who are only comfortable with wearing very long and often baggy clothes in order to hide their body type.

This year, however, you will have no excuse to try some different style since such long lengths will not be in fashion. Instead you can try out some midi length clothes. They will not only be popular but will also complement your body because it does not matter what your body type it – it is beautiful the way it is.

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