6 Fashion Rules to Break This Year
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6 Fashion Rules to Break This Year

There are so many fashion rules that you cannot probably remember all of them. However, not all of these rules are up-to-date. A huge part are old-fashioned. That is because, as you know, fashion changes not only every year, but also every season. Which means that rules change as well. That is why we have decided to show you 6 fashion rules, which you should break this year. Who knows whether you will be able to break them the next year.

#1 High-waist pants make you look curvy

High-waist pant have been a huge fashion hit recently. A lot of celebrities are noticed wearing such pants not only on the street, but they also include them in their music videos, or TV interviews. A lot of women get inspired to wear them but they are afraid that they will look more curvy than they actually are.

In fact, it is exactly the opposite if you are only able to find the perfect high-waist pair of pants for your figure. In general, high-waist pants and jeans make women look taller and slimmer. If you want to achieve even more slimming effect, put on a pair of black high-waist pant.

#2 No cropped clothes in public places

Cropped clothes are not so scandalous as some people may think. In fact, there is a piece of clothing which has been very popular recently, and this is the cropped top. If we have to be honest, cropped tops have been popular for 4 seasons now and are still a frontrunner in the list of most fashionable clothes.

One of the things women love cropped tops so much is because they are both cropped, but do not show too much of their bodies. They show this part of a woman’s body that normally does not gain any weight – above the belly and under the bust. You still need to be careful where you wear cropped tops, though, because your boss will hardly be pleased to see you in such an outfit.

#3 You cannot match black and brown

Despite the fact that black suits every other color, there is one fashion rule which is one of the oldest ones in fashion: do not wear black and brown. Well, it is time to start breaking this rule, because black really suits brown, especially gingerbread brown.

Just imagine how elegant you would look, if you put on an overall black outfit with brown shoes or brown hat, you can really make your outfit stand out. There is another black & brown combination you can try. How about a black top with a medium-length brown suede skirt. You can experiment with other fashion combinations on your own and try to forget about the prejudices.

#4 Clutch bags are only suitable for an evening event

We are so used to wearing clutch bags on special events that we seem to have decided there are no other occasions suitable for wearing this kind of bag, especially not a daytime ones. In fact, there are some clutch bags that have already become part of the popular street style. The fact that they are small does not mean that they cannot look casual.

You can wear your clutch bags with no hesitation, especially if it is in the summer or in the spring, when you do not have to wear thick coats that would not suit your bag. They will also make your overall outfit look lighter and summery.

#5 Bright colors should not be matched

Many people think that if they wear an outfit in some bright color, it should not be matched with another bright color. For example, if you are wearing light blue blazer, you should not match it with a light yellow bag. Well, think twice, because it is time to break this rule already.

There is not a better way to match a piece of light-colored clothing than wearing another piece of light-colored clothing. You may think that dark colors would complement bright ones best, but it is exactly the opposite way.

The summer moths of the year are the perfect time to experience with bright colors. Wear yellow with orange, like the colors of the sunset, or yellow with blue to wear the colors of the sun and the sky. There are a lot of combinations to try so do not be afraid to wear them.

#6 Oversize clothes cannot be sexy

Tell this to a man when early in the morning they see their girlfriend wearing their shirt which is big for her body. It is time to forget about this rule. However, you need to remember that you should always find the balance between oversized clothes and the rest of your outfit. You can afford to wear oversized clothes, but you only need to match them with a tight piece of clothing. For example, if you put on a loose top on with a tight pair of jeans.

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