6 Fashion Habits Showing No Sense of Style
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6 Fashion Habits Showing No Sense of Style


The greatest thing about fashion is that every person can find their personal style and be fashionable and glamorous. However, it does not mean one can put on random pieces of clothing in order to look good. There are some unwritten fashion rules that one needs to follow if they do not want to become known as a person who has no sense of style. And today we are going to show you the fashion mistakes that some people make that reveal no sense of style.

#1 Wearing inappropriate outfits

We have all heard about strange cases when people dress inappropriately to some event. For example, one of the guests of a wedding shows up with a white dress despite the fact that no one but the bride is supposed to wear white to the wedding. Or there are some women who wear too short skirts or tops with too deep necklines to a family gathering.

This even should not happen when one goes to work. We all know that women want to feel and look sexy but one should not dress too provocatively especially when the environment is not the one for such type of clothing. If you want to dress stylishly, then you should definitely take into consideration the place you dress for every time.

#2 Wearing fake brands clothes

There are a lot of people who want to wear the most famous brands in the world but they cannot afford to and that is why they decide to wear fake brands that imitate these famous fashion ones. This, however, does not show that one has good style and class. On the contrary, it shows that one does not have enough money to buy real non-fake brands and they end up looking cheaper than before.

That is why it is better to clothes and accessories from real brands you can afford and not some replicas and fake brands that only try to get people’s money because they are taking some designer’s idea and offer it to people at lower prices. This certainly does not show a good sense of style and that is why it is better to avoid doing so.

#3 No accessories at all

There are some women who simply do not wear accessories. I cannot imagine why since I am in love with some accessories. If you want to look stylish, then you definitely should not forget to wear accessories. It could be a nice watch, or a bracelet, you can choose a belt or a pretty bag, or a necklace, but it is important to always have some accessory when you choose your outfits.

And it is best to stick to the fashion rule which says that one should not wear more than three accessories with an outfit because this will also show lack of fashion sense. And speaking of which, here is the next bad fashion habit some women have.

#4 Too many accessories

Wearing no accessories at all shows no good sense of style but the other extreme, which is wearing a lot of accessories at the same time, shows no good sense of style either. One should not be wearing dozens of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings because they are likely to look like a Christmas tree more than a fashion lady.

If you put every accessory that you like at the same time, you will most certainly look rather funny and not stylish. That is why you should not do this mistake, and, as I mentioned above, you should stick to the fashion rule of the three pieces of accessories.

#5 Wearing a strange combination of colors

Even if there are different ways one can match colors, it does not mean that every color combination that exists will reveal a good sense of style. This way, for example, if you decide to wear something red, you should not necessarily match it with dozens of other red fashion pieces.

Or you should also not wear the colors of the rainbow at the same time. Imagine this: a green bag, a pink hat, a red coat, a blue jeans, and a pair of yellow shoes. Does that sound good to you? Well, it should not and that is why it is better to avoid such scary combinations.

#6 Showing your underwear

One of the top things that annoys me when it comes to fashion is that a lot of women, and sometimes men, decide to show their underwear and think that this looks cool. Showing your thongs and your bra on purpose would not make you look like a fashion icon.

Pulling the straps of your thongs out so everyone can see them is not cool and it should not repeat itself. This trend was very popular in the late 1990s as well as in the beginning of 2000s. And let’s hope it stays there

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