6 Cool Valentine’s Day Accessories to Wear on the Holiday
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6 Cool Valentine’s Day Accessories to Wear on the Holiday


Valentine’s Day is almost here and all the couples who are planning to celebrate it are already with their preparations, or are still organizing it. There are a lot of things one could pay attention to when it comes to organizing their holiday, especially if they want everything to go smoothly. Not only the place and the atmosphere are important. If you want everything to be perfect, you need to be prepared.

Basically, women care a lot about their looks and this goes also for their outfit on Valentine’s Day as well. If you are ready with your decision about the outfit for the holiday, you also should think about the accessories for your outfit. Today we have prepared for you a list of accessories which are perfect for the occasion. Check them out!

#1 Heart-shape earrings

One of the things that you can opt for when it comes to accessories suitable for Valentine’s Day is a pair of earrings in the shape of hearts. This is, after all the symbol of the holiday, and it is the perfect time to try some of these cute earrings you have been wanting to wear but thought that they would be too cheesy to be worn on a daily basis. They would be prefer for the holiday even if you do not decide to wear them on a night out, but during the day.

#2 Love or XO-XO earrings

There are also other suitable types of earrings you can wear on Valentine’s Day if you do not want to wear heart-shape ones. There are also some small stud earrings with the sign “love” on them, or some again small stud ones with the sign “xo” – hugs and kisses. It is definitely a suitable type of earrings which you can wear for the holiday.

#3 Heart-shape clutch

The next accessory you can wear on the holiday is again a statement one. If you are having a special night out with your partner and are going to some fancy restaurant, you definitely should consider wearing fancy accessories as well, like a clutch bag.

This clutch bag can be in the shape of a heart since the holiday is dedicated to love. There are different ones, some are made of sequins so they are more glamorous, and others are made of some faux leather. You can choose whichever type you prefer and whichever will match your outfit and style better.

#4 Leather gloves with red hearts

The other accessory is an interesting one and is again very suitable both for the season and the occasion. Since it is still winter, you can wear gloves during the day, and why not during the night if you are going to celebrate somewhere outside.

There are nice leather gloves in black which have a red heart on the back of the glove, where the back of the hand is. Such gloves are not over the top one. They are classy, in black and red, and can match a lot of different outfits, especially when it comes to the occasion.

#5 Stiletto shoes with hearts of bows

The next accessory which you can add to your festive outfit is a pair of shoes with some heart or a bow at the back or front of the shoe. The shoes can be all in black apart from the accessory, which can be in red. This way the heart or the bow will stand out better and at the same the type of shoes will not be over-the-top one. It will be elegant and cute.

You can match it to any type of outfit – either an elegant one with some dress, or some more casual one, like a pair of jeans and some fancy blouse. And if you want to wear something more casual during the day, you can opt for some sneakers with cure heart print or some other suitable type of picture on them.

#6 Hear-shape hairpin or headband

The last accessory which we have prepared for you is a hair one. Sometimes you can focus on the hair and hair jewelries and not on the jewelries on the body, like bracelets and necklaces, in order not to be over-the-top. And what better hair accessory than some heart-shape hairpin or some similar headband?

You can choose some flower ones, or jewelry ones, if you consider the heart-shape hairpins to be a bit too much for your style, but since it is a special holiday, you can try something unusual and see if you are going to like it on yourself.

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