5 Ways To Get Used To Wearing High Heels
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5 Ways To Get Used To Wearing High Heels

Some women walk in high heels so effortlessly that you may start wondering how they do it, were they born with high heels? Nobody is born with abilities no matter what they are. Babies learn how to talk and how to walk. As they get older they learn a lot of different things, no matter if they are worth learning or not. The point is that if you are cannot do anything that other people can do perfectly, it is because you have never tried it or practiced it before. When we talk about women who walk in high heels like pros, it is the same thing. And how you  become one of them in a short time? Here is the answer!

1. Go shoe shopping in the afternoon

If you need to learn how to walk in high heels because you are attending some event, like a prom, a wedding, a charity, etc, then you need to learn everything fast. Start from the beginning, in this case it means that you should start with buying a pair of shoes. One of the most important rules here is never to buy shoes in the morning (this rule is also for flats). When you go shoe shopping in the afternoon your feet will be a little (or a lot) tired and swollen. This means that when you try high heels that feel comfortable on your feet even when you are tired, then these shoes are for you, because as you know, wearing high heels exhausts your feet even more, and your feet will be even more swollen. In other words, you must be completely sure that the shoes will be your size and not smaller. If they are not your size they will be making you feel even more uncomfortable. And this would definitely not help you learn how to wear high heels.

2. You need to walk heel to toe

When we learn how to walk, we instinctively know that the heel goes first and then the toe. Even if you try to do it the other way round, it won’t last for a long time and once you get distracted you will go back to your regular way of walking. But some people put their whole foot on the grown at once. When you put on high heels, however, you also need to remember that you must follow the rule heel to toe. This would make your foot more stable and won’t be shaky. You will also feel much more comfortable.

3. The thicker your heel is, the more comfortable it will be for you

If you are still learning how to walk in high heels, then you should not hurry up to jump into the deep, just take it easy. Try shoes with a thicker heel because you will still appear taller and elegant, but you will definitely feel more comfortable and sure of your feet. Some people think that thicker heels are for grannies, but this is not true, you can find some extremely elegant and chic ones. And if you still want to wear thin heels, then at least get some with a smaller heel. You know that heels could be very big and could be smaller in size. Just put on the smaller one until you become professional and you can wear whatever you want.

4. Walk in  a straight line

Or at least try to do it whenever you remember this tip. Walking in a straight line and imagining you are on the catwalk will really help you improve your posture and the way you walk in general. You will appear taller and leaner. The only thing you need to do is put one feet in front of the other, in a straight line, when you are walking If you are not sure how to do it exactly, you can watch some videos online and practice in front of a mirror. You may think what this have to do with learning how to walk in high heels, but the truth is it is very helpful and it will distract your mind from the pain you may experience.

5. Put sandpaper on the bottom of your high heels

One of the biggest problems women have with wearing high heels is that their soles are very slippery, and you not only cannot run in them because you may fall down and break your legs, but you sometimes cannot even walk in them without looking like a child taking their first steps. If you have such a problem, then you will be happy to know that there is a “magical: solution to it. Just put sand paper on the bottom of your heels. You know how people put sand on the streets where the ground is slippery, so that no one falls down. The same technique is used here with the sand paper. It will help you be even more stable  if the floor is wet, or just slippery.

Now, go and put all of your new knowledge into use!

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