5 Ways to Fall Asleep When You Just Can’t
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5 Ways to Fall Asleep When You Just Can’t

Sometimes we are tired as hell. And all we want is to go to bed and fall asleep as soon as we smell the pillow. And although we are quite sure that is exactly what will happen, sometimes we just can’t fall asleep, no matter how tired we are. Those nights I hate. I just toss and turn around and never know what to do. But here are some ideas, how to lose your sleep depriving problem.

  1. Try doing some yoga

Yoga is an exercise that can improve your whole health and physical state. It is close to meditation and it is the only exercise than can truly relax you and make you want to fall asleep easily. This is because instead of fastening the heart beat, yoga slows it down and calms down the breathing.

If you have never done yoga it is probably a good idea to find a tutorial online. But not any type of yoga. It should be yoga for falling asleep. It will be gentle and soft to your body and it will make you feel relaxed and good about yourself. If you are a beginner start easy and if you do it often, you soon will be ready to go one level up.

  1. Stop all electronic devices

Many people know that, but not that many actually do it. Having your phone in your hand and browsing through Facebook or Instagram or spending one more night on Netflix is not the way to get rest and a good night’s sleep. Remember that.

Many people sleep with their phones and laptops in bed. And this is something you should forget all about. The distractions from your phone or laptop might make you more awake, rather than help you fall asleep. And that is not what you want. Once you miss the moment to fall asleep, you will regret, because it might be a tough night of turning and not sleeping. So forget electronics. Pick up a book or just lay in silence, so that you easily fall asleep and get the best result ever.

  1. Have a warm bath before going to bed

Warm baths and showers improve your circulation and calm down the body. Your body will be under hot water and so its natural temperature will get down a bit. And this will make it easier for you to fall asleep.

We women love to make their bath time like a ritual. And it is quite amazing. Put some rose petals in the water. Light some candles (lavender is known to be a good aroma before bed). And of course don’t forget about some good music. It should me relaxation music and don’t play it too loud. This will give your senses to the opportunity to relax.

  1. Have sex

Although many people don’t believe in that it turns out that after sex we all (women) sleep better. And how could that not be fun. The truth is that sex boosts some chemical levels and lowers other, so that you will feel better and it will be easier to fall asleep.

Doctors have actually found out that if you have sex before bedtime every night in a week, you will probably as a whole will have a better sleeping life. So try out that one, it might be good for your relationship too.

  1. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and heavy food

Once I am home after work I feel like the only thing that I need is a glass of wine and Netflix. It turns out I am totally wrong. And all that chocolate we tend to eat before bed is not a good idea too. Heavy food can make your whole body feel heavy and your stomach will be bloated, so it won’t even be comfortable to sleep.

By the way, for all of you smokers, some bad news – nicotine is also something that deprives our sleep. So better forget about that great cigarette before bed. Try out a warm cup of milk. It will soothe you down and you will feel great. The same applies to green and white tea. Nowadays there are even types of tea, that help you fall asleep. So try out one of those.


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