5 Ways to Drastically Improve Your Skin
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5 Ways to Drastically Improve Your Skin

The skin is very important for the outer appearance because, well because it covers our whole bodies. You may go to the gym if you want to tighten your booty, arms, or belly, and you could have (not necessarily, but people do it) a plastic surgeon, if you do not like some part of your body and you would like to make it different, like your nose, breasts, lips. Nowadays people can change the color of their eye with contacts. But one thing you can hardly change entirely, and this is your skin. It will be with you your whole life and it could tell the others how old you are. Bad skin can even turn off some people. Have you ever liked someone by their posture, but when you have looked at them closely and you see how bad their skin condition is, you just walk away? If so, you must have realized how important taking good care of it is. Here are 5 ways you can drastically improve your skin.

1 Get plenty of H2O
Yes, this is an advice as old as the world and you probably know it, but if you keep reminding it to yourself, the chance that you do not take your daily amount of water is smaller. Drink as much water as you want, and even some more. Drink between the meals, when you wake up in the morning, and before you go to bed. If you keep forgetting that you have to drink water, there is something that can help you – an app you install on your phone which calculates how much water you should drink a day given your age, weight and the quantity of the other drinks you have throughout the day. And who said apps were no good?

2 Add some salmon for dinner
If you want not only to have great skin, but also to improve your overall health, you must add salmon to your diet. Like flaxseed and walnuts, salmon is an excellent source of omega-3s. It is very rich in protein and iron as well. This is one of the finest fish in the world, it tastes heavenly and you could get absolutely full with just eating 100-200 grams of it. Another thing that could make you include it in your diet is that it is cooked quite easily. You can grill it or put it on the stove without adding additional oil, just some spices and herbs. Serve it with a potato salad or rice pilaf. Bon Appétit!

3 Add some beans in your salad
If you are a fan of beans, you will be glad to know that they can make your skin healthy and glowing when they are mixed with green and other vegetables. Beans can give you your daily amount of vitamin C and zinc that your skin needs, especially if you want to build the elasticity in it. In addition, you will receive a bright and radiant complexion, which your friends and family would not fail to notice, so do not be surprised when they start asking you about your secret for having such an amazingly glowing skin. And who could have imagined that the answer is quite simple actually?

4 Eat more orange foods
You have probably heard that the color of the vegetables and fruits you consummate correlates to a certain bodily part they stimulate. In other words, eating orange fruits and vegetables makes your skin glow. This is because they contain beta-carotene, the nutrient “responsible” for the brightness of your skin. So, do not miss to add carrots, sweet potatoes, oranges (of course), squash to your daily meal. These foods would not only help your skin, but your overall health, because they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals. So, you will not lose if you bet on orange!

5 Do not forget to eat eggs
And you can eat them any time of the day, not only at breakfast, which is a tradition in the USA, but any time of the day. Some people think they have a lot of calories, so this is why they prefer to avoid them. This is not true, and you should not avoid them unless you do not want perfect skin. The reason why eggs are good for your skin is because they contain sulfur, which helps the body build up the-some-much-needed collagen. This will help your skin become more elastic and look younger. So, do not miss your omelet in the morning, egg salad for lunch, and some boiled eggs for dinner.

If you treat your body with respect, if you give it the amount of water it needs, the right food and enough sleep (sleep is another very important ingredient here), your body will answer you with the same – health and beauty.

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