5 Unexpected Places Where You Could Find True Love
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5 Unexpected Places Where You Could Find True Love


There are a lot of single people who are asking the same question: what is that place where one could find love? It seems so hard these days to find love anywhere but work or the internet that there are a lot of people who are becoming quite desperate that they are going to stay single forever.

But no! Abandon no hope all ye who enter read this! We decided to make a list of places for you where you could actually find love. And you as well might start visiting those places more often. So, here are the places we find suitable for single people to visit accompanied by short explanations why we chose them.

#1 A library or a bookshop

The first place in our list may sound strange to some of you but once you hear the explanation, I am sure you would like to visit libraries and bookstores more. These places are such where intellectuals meet. A person who is into criminal activities or is a very flirtatious one would definitely stay away from places with books while people who are really into self-improvement would often grab a book to read.

If you are in such a place, you will also find it very easy to find a conversation starter with all the books around. Just grab some book and ask a person who you find a potential future girlfriend/boyfriend what they think about the book or whether they have read it. Or you could also ask them about the book they are reading or looking at. You could actually have a really great conversation right from the beginning.

#2 On the subway

The next place where it is possible to meet a potential future partner is the public transport and especially the subway. Nowadays a lot of people have cars and there is nothing wrong with that but as we all know it leads to pollution.

So, if you meet some nice person on the subway, it could be one worried for the environment. At the same time it could be a very practical person since they are not wasting their time stuck in traffic jams. Well, who knows, you may actually find true love there.

#3 In a sports class

The reason why we chose a sports class and not the gym is that people are the gym are often show-offs. There are very muscular guys trying to impress women lifting weights, or some skinny women wearing leggings and touching their booties to impress some guy.

If you want a partner who is fit and is interested in healthy lifestyle, not in phony one, it is better to meet them at some sports class. There are different group classes where one could enjoy the company of people of both genders.

The best thing about finding a partner at such a class is that you will have similar interests and activities to do together in times to come. The same goes not only for sports, but also for other kinds of hobby classes.

#4 Online

There are still a lot of people who do not want to find love online because it would not be genuine. It is true that there are a lot of online sites, or phone applications that are designed only for open relationship, flirting, and one night stands but this does not mean that one should completely ignore modern technologies in this endeavor.

You could actually use some more reliable sites where you have heard couples have met. Or you could not use dating sites at all. You could chat to people in forums about subjects you are interested in, like books, movies, traveling, and so on. This way if you start a relationship in such a way, it will be not because of your outer appearance, but because of your personality and intellect. And do not we all want this?

#5 In the park

The park is another place where a person could actually find love even if it is not the most obvious one since there are a lot of people thinking that only mothers with children visit parks. Single and reliable people who love nature and want to stay in touch with it are very likely to visit them often as well. Or they may have a pet dog which needs to be taken out for a walk. There could be also some group of friends playing outdoor sports in the park.

If you notice some single guy or girl playing with their dog, reading a book, or enjoying the nice weather outside, you could start a conversation with them. It surely would not hurt to pay a visit to some park nearby and spend some time there.

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