5 Tricks How Not to Fall Asleep During Work
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5 Tricks How Not to Fall Asleep During Work

Nowadays a lot of people go to bed late at night and wake up early in the morning. They do not have time to have their good night sleep and that is why in the next morning they feel tired and sleepy. Unfortunately, when one works, they do not have the right to take break from work in order to have a nap. At least not in every company in the world.

That is why we decided to share with you some tricks that will help you stay awake while working. They will help you have more energy and be able to concentrate better as well. So, check them out!

#1 Chew bubble gum

The first of these tricks that will help you stay awake at work is to chew bubble gum. It is not the best one there is because of several reasons. It is not very appropriate to chew gum loudly in an office environment. It could make you go hungry because of all the chewing. And the sweetener added in the gums is not good for your kidneys.

But if you chew it only for half an hour or even less, it will have the power to wake you up and it will not have bad effects on your body. When you start chewing a gum, you will activate your facial muscles and nerves. This way you will wake up your brain.

#2 Stare at a red object

It may sound strange to some of you, but in fact staring at a red object can make you more awake. The reason for this is this particular color – red. Usually our subconscious becomes more alert when we see red because it is a signal of danger.

That is why if you stare at some red object for a while, your brain will become more alert and as a result of this you will become more awake and energetic. You will surely not be so sleepy. So make sure you bring something red with you to work and use it in case of sleepiness.

#3 Go outside for a while if you can

If you have a balcony, or some place near the office where you can have a short break from your work outside, then you should do it when you feel sleepy. First, moving a little from your chair will help you wake up.

Secondly, the fresh air will help your brain become more awake. The air in the offices is stuffed sometimes and even if does not smell bad or anything, it can make you more sleepy. Fresh air on the other hand will help you wake up.

#4 Drink water

Water can help you in a lot of ways and one of which is to make you more energized. Water can help you deal with laziness as well. So, if you notice that you are becoming distracted and sleepy at work, have a couple of glasses of water.

Here is a trick that you can try which will make you more awake. You need to get a full glass of water and to drink it slowly with your eyes closed. Have small sips concentrating on the process as much as you can. This way you will stimulate your brain, you will be able to concentrate better and you will become more awake.

If you are not thirsty, it is not necessary to drink tons of water. Just have a couple of sips every 10 minutes for example. You can also add some lemon juice in the water for a fresher taste and more vitamins. It could become more delicious which will help you drink more water.

#5 Have a teaspoon of honey

Honey is very healthy as you probably know already. A lot of people prefer having it instead of sugar because it is more delicious and healthier. But there is another superpower that honey has which you probably did not know about – it can wake you up.

If you start feeling sleepy when you have to be awake and working, you can have a teaspoon of honey. This will give you a flow of energy in your body and you will become more active both physically and mentally. You can have a handful of walnuts as well. They are a food for your brain and will stimulate it.

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