5 Things You Should Always Bring To a Music Festival
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5 Things You Should Always Bring To a Music Festival

Summer is the season when parties and sleepless nights under the stars are some of the most common activities, especially when they are accompanied by some great music. You know what I am talking about – music festivals. What better time of the year to have some fun with your friends and your favorite band. And since the season of the summer music festivals is in full swing, we want to give you a hand and remind you that when you are at a festival you will need to bring not only your good mood, but also some quite useful things, which you will never regret bringing there. Are you already curious? Here it is the list!

A lady should always have a purse with her so that she can put all of her things there. There are probably very few women that do not like purses and put all of their things in their pockets. However, when a person is attending a music festival, they should always have a purse, because the things they will need are not just your keys and some money, especially if you are far from your home. So, you should always have a purse with you when you are at a music festival, and what is more, you should always have a backpack. It is not necessary to be very big. There are even some quite elegant backpacks that have a handle and you can turn it into a purse if you want. You can choose one with beach elements, like white and blue lines, or even a handle that looks like a rope (or better yet, it is a rope, of course, smaller). Clever, helpful, and stylish… what more you can wish for at a music festival?!

This is one of the things that you should never leave your house without in the summer. If you have a big purse, or a cute feminine backpack (see point number 1), you should always have a spare sunglasses. The sunlight in the summer is so hot, that it could damage your eyes, especially if you are spending a lot of time outside. Which is exactly what you will be doing at a music festival. As it happens every year, the summer sunglasses trends offer a huge number of sunglasses types, in a lot of shapes and sizes, and even different colors. You are offered so many choices to find the perfect one to match your personality, and to protect your eyes. After all, you will definitely need them while you are watching the sun rise, otherwise you will have to keep your eyes shut and you will miss all the fun.

Sun lotion
Some people think that if they are behind a glass, the sunlight cannot do anything negative to them, but this is not so. You should always have some sun protecting cream in the summer, especially when you are attending a music festival, out in the open. If you do not want to turn red and this to ruin your fun, keep a tube of sun lotion with you. There are even some smaller tubes (50 ml), which are designed specifically for purses. This way you won’t feel your purse too heavy, and at the same time you will be able to protect your skin from the sun rays. You should also remember to apply the lotion every once in a while, because its effect expires with time, especially if you are sweating. So, remember always to keep a small tube of sun lotion and to apply it regularly, and your skin will be protected. And since we are talking about skin protection, you can also get some repellent lotion, because mosquitos could also like to have a feast.

When you are attending a music festival you won’t need a lot of makeup. Sometimes even a little lipstick can do miracles. You can be dressed in more casual and yet stylish clothes. The same goes for your makeup, less is more in this case. Before you go, you can put on some waterproof mascara or eyeliner, and you can spend all day like this without having to reapply it. However, when it comes to the lipstick, the case is a little bit different. When you eat, when you drink, you unintentionally remove your lipstick, and you have to reapply it again. That is why, you should have a lipstick in your cute backpack during the summer music festival.

A denim jacket
Of course, it is summer and the temperatures are quite high during the day, but in some places, when the night comes, the temperatures change drastically and you can sometimes feel very cold. So, if you want to avoid such inconveniences, you should better get a denim jacket with you. It will keep you warm, but not too much. And besides, denim jackets are classic, you will never make a mistake if you buy such, because it is one of those things that will always be in fashion. It will suit every possible outfit that you have, no matter whether it is a dress or a pair of shorts. Stick to the lighter colors for maximum season and color matching. And of course, do not forget your good mood!


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