5 Things You Need to Throw out of Your Home Right Now
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5 Things You Need to Throw out of Your Home Right Now


There are a lot of people who are a bit of hoarders. Probably there is a hoarder in every one of us but to a different extent. Some people hardly throw anything because some day they might need it and other people just do not like throwing out their own stuff since they find a memory in each one of these things, like a ticket for the movie they saw when they went out on a date with their big love, or some childhood memory, like pins in the shape of butterflies.

There are things, however, which are minor and insignificant and do not have anything to do with memories and so on. And you need to get rid of them because you do not need them, you are piling them up and turning yourself into a hoarder. We have prepared a sample list of things you need to get rid of at once but if you think about it, you probably may add a couple of things here and there as well.

#1 Old torn socks

It is extremely embarrassing to go to someone’s home, to take off your shoes and to show expose the socks you are wearing with holes on them to the eyes of the hosts and the rest of the guests.

And even if you did not have to take off your shoes when you go to someone’s house, would you really think it is a good idea to keep a whole bunch of torn socks and to continue wearing them?

Come on, a pair of socks does not cost that much and there is no need to keep the torn socks “in case you might need them”. Just get rid of them and buy yourself some new pairs of socks.

#2 Old medicine

The next thing which you definitely do not need in your home is medicine the expiration date of which has passed. Probably you keep some aspirin or other kind of pills for headaches or upset stomach but you do not use them regularly.

At some point the expiration date of the pills passes but you continue keeping them at home mainly because they do not use them and forget about them. There are some people who do not know whether to throw them or not. You need to recycle medicine actually. But still there is no need to keep such kind of medicine at home.

#3 Clothes you no longer wear

The next thing you need to get rid of is clothes you no longer wear. Probably any of us has some clothes at home that keep in case they lose some weight, or some other pieces of clothing that are sentimental to us.

At one point, however, people buy more and more clothes without getting rid of the old ones and they end up piling so many clothes in their wardrobe that they do not have any room for the new ones and at the same time they “do not have anything to wear”.

That is why you need to sort out your wardrobe and set aside the clothes you no longer wear. You can give them to some people in need or you could give them for recycling. This way you will also help the natural environment.

#4 Old textbooks and note from school/university

The next thing which you need to consider getting rid of is some old textbooks and notes from high school and university. There are a lot of people who continue keeping their old notes and textbooks in case they might need to check some information in them or to revise some of the material they have covered in the past.

Do you really think that someday you will actually start flicking through them to find what you are searching for? Very doubtful. There are tons of information in the internet and you can check it there. It will be faster and much more convenient. As for the notes, there are only taking extra space at your home.

#5 Old makeup

Nowadays women use a lot of different makeup products which also means that their makeup table is full of them. There are different types of eyeshadows, lipsticks, foundations, mascaras, and so on. And when one has so many makeup products, they are likely to forget about some while they are using others.

In the ends, they end up having so many makeup products without realizing that the expiration date of some passed some time ago and one should no longer use them. That is why you should regularly check the expiration date of your makeup products and to throw out the ones which are too old to be used.


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