5 Things You Must Throw Away During the Spring Cleaning
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5 Things You Must Throw Away During the Spring Cleaning

Although spring has not come yet, the weather begins to remind us that the cold winter days are over and it is time to prepare for spring. One of the first things people do when spring comes is to clean their houses thoroughly. This time of the year is also known as the Big Spring Cleaning.

People start throwing away things they have collected during the past year because they have realized they would never use them again. So, you also need to prepare for the big spring cleaning by knowing which of the objects in your house you should definitely get rid of.

#1 Old magazines

Knowing which the fashion trends in 2014 were may have been important back then, or the fact that some of the Hollywood stars had just broken up, but now fashion has changed and Hollywood stars have other partners, so you would hardly want to read the information once again.

It is time to throw away these old magazines and make some room for much important things, like books which will never get old. It there are some really interesting and important articles for you in these magazines, just tear it up from the magazine and keep it.

#2 Receipts and bills

There are a lot of people who keep their receipts and bills which is great, but keeping them for years is not OK. In fact, throwing up bills and receipts should be done regularly. You can have some place, like a box, where to store the important bills you are going to need for the month, but once you notice you do not need them anymore – throw them away. A lot of people store receipts long after they have used or eaten the things they have bought. Try not to be one of them and throw these things regularly.

#3 Medicine and vitamins

Once the flu season is over, people should start cleaning their medicine stacks as well. If you have such a place where you store all of your medicine, make sure you do not forget to clean it during the spring cleaning. You can be sure that you will find pills, tablets, syrups or some other kind of medicine which expiration date is long gone. It is important to know that you should never take medicine or vitamins that are too old to use. So, just throw them away the proper kind of way. For example, you can check if the company that produces these medicines could take them after the expiration date.

#4 Makeup and perfumes

A lot of women buy makeup products without realizing makeup has an expiration date as well and it is not good for your skin if you continue using the products after that. So, you need to remember, even write down the expiration date of your makeup products, because you often cannot see it on the tubes or packings, since you have already thrown them away.

It is important to do this, because you put on makeup on the most sensitive part of your skin – your face. And applying old makeup on it can cause some adverse reactions, like rash or even allergies. The same goes for perfumes. Even though, they are good for use longer time compared to makeup, you should still know when to throw away a perfume, because your skin can have some reaction to it.

#5 Food

Clean your fridge. This is an important spring cleaning rule. Make sure you throw away all the food that is old. Some people think that the expiration date of some food products has not yet come, they are good to eat. However, this is not true if the packing has been open. You should not eat something that has been open and has stayed in your fridge for more than 3 day. It is not healthy and you may even end up in hospital if you are not careful with it.

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