5 Things That Will Make People Like You
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5 Things That Will Make People Like You


It does not matter if it comes about a job interview, or just a casual conversation with people one has just met, people in general want other people to like them. Some people, for example, cannot take it if there is a person who openly shows that they do not like them. Or there are certain people who try to make a good impression on everybody.

This, however, is not the easiest task in the world. That is why today we have prepared for you some tips that can help you make people like you. And you can apply them in every kind of appropriate situation. Check them out!

#1Call your interlocutorby their name

The first of the things you can try if you want to make other people like you is to start calling them by their first name as much as possible. If your interlocutor is higher in authority than you, you can call them Mr. /Mrs. and their family name. And if this is not the case, but the person you are talking to is not higher in authority, then you simply can call them by their first name.

The reason why this works is because you will actually show this person that you remember their name (you could be quite surprised if you hear how many people forger the name of the person they have just met).

If you have difficulties remembering people’s names, just try to make associations with their names. Is there a person who you know with the same name? Or there could be some celebrity with this name. This way you will really impress the person that you know their name and you will make a good impression on them.

#2 Make a mistake

Surprisingly enough, by making some kind of mistake will make people remember you and like you better. First of all, this will leave some impression on them and secondly, they will now that you are a normal human being that makes mistakes but is not afraid to fix them, or to apologize for this. In fact, by making a mistake, like asking your interlocutor for their name again, or by misunderstanding some information about them, and fixing this mistake, you will appear more real and true to these people and as a result they are more likely to like you as a person.

#3 Mirror your interlocutor’s pose

The next trick that will make other people like you work like charm almost every time. What you need to do when you are having a conversation with this person is simply to mirror their pose. If, for example, they keep their legs crossed, do the same. Or if they have some kind of habit, like touching their hair or chin while talking, then do the same. By mimicking the people you are having a conversation with, you influence their subconscious and you make them like you.

#4 Show them your wrists

This kind of trick may sound strange to you, but in fact even ancient nations knew about it. If you show the inside part of your wrists to the people you are talking to, then this would be a sign that you are feeling safe and in a good disposition with them. This will also show that you are open and do not hide anything and this immediately would help you make your interlocutors like you more.

#5 Make your interlocutor boast a little

People like when they and their actions and work is appreciated. And even if there are some modest people who do not like boasting with their accomplishments, all people would be glad to hear good things about themselves. If you ask about some of their personal accomplishments and make them boast a little, this will make them like you better. This simply little trick works every time. After all, a kind word open doors.

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