5 Signs Showing You Need to Drink More Water
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5 Signs Showing You Need to Drink More Water


Summer is the season when most people start thinking whether their bodies are hydrated enough. This is, of course, because of the strong summer heat and people’s excessive sweating. However, there are still a lot of people that do not know if they are dehydrated or not. They do not feel unusual, or simply do not notice the signs their bodies send them.

Some of the simplest ones are dry skin and dark color of their urine, but there are many other signs which are not so obvious. In fact, experts claim that these signs show that your body is quite dehydrated and you need to deal with the problem quickly if you do not want to face more serious consequences. So, here are the signs that show you need to start drinking more water.

#1 You have bad breath

This sign of dehydration is extremely unpleasant and if you do not want to feel embarrassed when you are talking with people, then you definitely need to deal with the problem quickly. And how to know if the bad breath is caused by lack of water in your body, and not because some some tonsil stones or caries in your mouth? You can notice this when your mouth is drier than usual and you, of course, do not have any visible examples of other problems in your mouth.

The reason of having bad breath when you are dehydrated is the bacteria in your saliva. When there is less water in your body, the microorganisms that fight the bacteria in your saliva decrease in number, which makes it harder to fight the bacteria. As a result, one has smelly breath. If you notice any such change, you need to start drinking as much water as possible.

#2 You are constipated

Many people think that constipation is only in result of what one has eaten. For example, if you eat a lot of dry food, you could get constipated. However, if you do not have enough water, you could also be constipated, no matter whether you have stopped eating dry food. This is because when your body is well hydrated it is easier for your digestive system to get rid of the excrement, because it lubricates the area. So, if you notice that you have been constipated regularly, start drinking more water immediately. You will soon see the results coming.

#3 You feel excessive hunger

There certain periods of one’s life, especially of a woman’s life, when one feels hungrier than usual. This is because of some hormones, or changing one’s environment. However, this is not always the case, because feeling hungrier than usual could be because of lack of water in your body.

When you are dehydrated, your liver finds it really hard to do its work properly and then signals to your brain that it needs more fuel. However, your brain will not always signal that it needs water, but it may confuse it with food. So, as a result one may feel hungry and not thirsty. That is why you also need to be careful about feeling excessive hunger and not only excessive thirst.

#4 Your skin begins to lose elasticity

You may think that when it comes to skin only dry one is a sing of dehydration, but this is not the case. If you notice that your skin begins to lose its elasticity, this is a warning that you need to do something quickly. You can notice that your skin is losing elasticity when you pull some of your skin up using two of your fingers. When you let it go, it should immediately take the smooth form it has before you pulling it.

If this does not happen, then you can be sure your skin needs water and it needs a lot. So apart from starting to drink extra water, you may also apply some moisturizing creams on. It will not deal with the problem completely, but it will definitely help. The most important thing is to drink more and more water.

#5 You do not sweat

Sweating could be really unpleasant, but it is a sign that your body functions well. If you notice that you have stopped sweating, even if the heat is strong, then you should seriously consider the lack of water in your body to be the reason for this. When your body lacks water it simply cannot sweat, because there is nothing extra that it might get rid of.

Have in mind that there are some people who do not sweat so much in general. This does not necessarily mean that they are dehydrated. This sign of dehydration is more about people that experience change in the amount of their sweating. If you notice any such change, then quickly start drinking up.

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