5 Reasons for Having Bad Breath
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5 Reasons for Having Bad Breath


Bad breath could be a serious problem, because it is absolutely annoying to always think about whether the people around you are not disgusted when they are talking to you. Or they may think that you do not have good personal hygiene, which is extremely embarrassing.

Sometimes bad breath is a serious problem and does not have to do with oral hygiene at all. Today we have decided to search for some of the most common reasons for bad breath and how to deal with them.

#1 Tonsil stones

Tonsil stones are small white pieces which are attached on your tonsils and they are quite hard to get rid of. This is because if you try to remove them by hand or using a stick, there is a big chance that you feel sick and want to vomit. Otherwise it would be easy to get rid of them.

And why are they such a trouble when it comes to your breath? This is because tonsil stones are bacteria that are calcined. It also consists of mucus and dead cells. Sometimes there may even be some food leftovers that are a part of the contents. All of these disgusting things form tonsil stones which can cause some severe bad breath.

One way of getting rid of them is to try to cough them. If this does not help, you may gargle with salt water. This may help get rid of them easily. And if you do not have tonsil stones, but you still have bad breath, then the reason may be one of the other ones.

#2 Food

One of the main reasons for having bad breath is the food one eats. For example, food with strong smell, like garlic and onions, is not easy to get rid of even if you brush your teeth and tongue after that. And sometimes it is not easy to get rid of even if you have some chewing gum.

So, if you have some important meeting or you are about to have a date, it is best to avoid foods that will leave bad breath in your mouth. It is best to have some herbal tea, or even some mint drink that will leave fresh smell in your mouth and will help you to get rid of unpleasant smells.

#3 Dehydration

Surprisingly enough, dehydration could actually lead to bad breath. Many people underestimate dehydration. Or they think that drinking any kinds of liquids, like coffee and alcohol, can actually help hydrate their bodies. Of course, this is not the case. These kinds of drinks dehydrate one’s body even more.

When your body is not hydrated enough it works against salivation. And when there is not enough saliva in your mouth it cannot fight all the bacteria that is there. And this way, the more bacteria there is in your mouth, and as a result you will have bad breath. So, if you do not want this to happen, simply start drinking more water.

#4 Caries

Next in our list is a problem that probably all the people in the world has faced at least once in their lives – caries. Caries is not only painful and may lead to serious teeth conditions, but it is also one of the reasons for having bad breath since caries is often caused by bacteria.

So, it is very important to have good oral hygiene and to see a dentist every 6 months. This way even if you have a small caries that is not painful enough to feel it is there, the dentist will see it and will cure it. And this way you would not have to worry about bad breath as well.

#5 Other medical conditions

Experts claim that not only caries could be the reason for having bad breath, but also other medical conditions. The good thing is that you can find out what the medical condition you have is by considering the exact smell of you breath.

If it is sweet, reminding the smell of some fruits, then you may have diabetes. And if your breath reminds you more of ammonia, then you may have some problem with your kidneys. Or you may have some problem with your sinuses, or your stomach.

Of course, this could help you identify the problem, but you can never be sure exactly until you do not go and see a doctor about it. You should never take any medicines on your own. First, you need to consult a doctor about it to be absolutely sure.

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