5 Lazy Ways to Make Money
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5 Lazy Ways to Make Money


Nowadays people often wonder how much time they should spend working so that they have enough to live the way they want, and at the same time to pay attention to their family and social lives. This surely is not an easy question which a person needs to find the answer to on their own.

But if you are looking for an easy way to earn money so that you can have more time for yourself, studying, or your friends, then we can help you. We decided to make a list with some easy ways to earn money in somewhat lazy ways. Here is our list!

#1 Sell some of your clothes you do not wear anymore

The first of the lazy ways of earning money in our list has a lot of positives. You can actually sell clothes and shoes you are not wearing anymore, or even some that you have not worn at all. This way you will not only clean your wardrobe and make room for some new clothes, but you will also earn some money. And these are two really nice benefits of a simple closet-cleaning trick.

#2 Sell some books

The next thing is for all of you bookworms. You can earn some money by selling some of the books you have already read. It is basically similar to the closet-cleaning hack – it will make room for more books and will get you some money to buy such. If you are really careful when you read books and do not damage the covers and the sheets, then you have the chance of getting more money for them.

#3 Return your clothes back to the shop

This little trick is a bit of a cheat, because it will help you save money instead of earning them. And still it does a pretty good job. If you have to attend some special event for which you need a dress, you can go to a store, buy some outfit, wear it on the event, and then return it to the shop. You can take your money back without filling your wardrobe with clothes you are not going to wear anymore.

However, you need to remember that you should not remove the label from the dress and you should not stain it. You should keep it perfectly untouched if you want to get your money back. There are a lot of people who do this on a regular basis and this way they save money and wear fashionable clothes for special occasions. Cool, right?

#4 DIY Items

The next thing is not the laziest one there could be because it actually involves some activity but still it is pretty easy. You can actually sell some DIY items you created yourself. If you can draw, you can paint some t-shirts and sell them, or some cups even.

If you do not have this talent, you could sell cards for special occasions. There are some tutorials in the internet that will show you how to make special cards and then you could sell them and earn money for that.

You could use the social media for this purpose. The more popular your DIY items become, the more money you will make. And who knows, if you like it, you may turn it into some business of yours.

#5 Earn money by advertising

Another easy way to earn money is to advertise certain products in the social media. This, however, may take some time. If you have an Instagram profile, or a Youtube one, you could make pictures and videos to attract people’s attention. Then with time you will have more and more followers.

At one point some companies will ask you to advertise their products in your pictures and videos. And for this, they are going to give you money. Sounds pretty cool and easy, right? But still you need to be patient because it may take some time before this happens. Meanwhile, you could try some of the other money-earning tricks in our list.

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