5 Great Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes
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5 Great Makeup Ideas for Brown Eyes


Brown eyes are the most common eye color type, with all brown hues. Other eye colors, like blue and green, are less common and more specific. In a way this helped them turn them into some main point in the makeup industry. Since brown eyes are so common and easy to match with other colors, people do not seem to pay that much attention to showing their beauty.

And since we believe that brown eyes are absolutely gorgeous and that they also need to be paid special attention to, we have prepared for you some nice makeup tips for accentuating your beautiful brown eyes. Here are our tips!

#1 Metallic shades

Brown eyes can look amazing with any eyeshadow shade. One of them which can easily make one’s brown eyes look even more attractive is metallic eyeshadow. You can try different shades, like golden, brown, or grey, all with slight shimmer that will easily complement brown eyes.

Such kind of makeup is suitable for a night out, in a club, but if you find some light metallic shades and do not wear too dark makeup, you can even wear these eyeshadows on some daytime events.

#2 Natural shades

And speaking of types of eyeshadows which can complement brown eyes, you can try some natural shades. There are a lot of women who think that nude and brown hues will lose their strength is they are worn on brown eyes and not some other eye color. Or they think that natural hues are too ordinary and there is no reason wearing them.

However, natural eyeshadow colors can easily complement brown eyes. They are also great for a daytime kind of makeup. This type of makeup is a very light one which does not have to be matched with specific colors of clothes one is wearing.

#3 Purple or blue liner

Black eyeliner is a great one which matches any eye color, but sometimes playing a little bit with colors can really be fun and in fashion. Apart from your favorite black eyeliner, you can also wear blue, or purple one. These two colors will contrast on the brown color of one’s eyes and can really make one’s look pop.

If you are too conservative to wear such liners on a daily basis, you can wear them on a night out, or on a day out with friends when you feel like trying something different and bolder.

#4 Green shimmer

People who have green eyes are not advised to wear the same kind of eyeshadow because the color will get lost in their eyes. People with brown eyes are not only advised to wear brown, but green as well.

If they also wear eyeshadows with shimmer they can really make their brown eyes pop a lot. Green is also a perfect kind of color for the spring season, which is the current own. This way one can wear fresh colors which can complement their own looks.

#5 Make concealer and under-eye cream your friends

People who have brown eyes usually have good pigmentation which can sometimes mean that they can suffer from some dark spots here and there on their bodies, especially under the eyes. Under-eye circles can really distract one’s attention from brown eyes no matter the type of eyeshadow one wears.

That is also why one should not only focus on accentuating their brown eyes, but also making sure the skin around it is fresh and good-looking. If you have dark circles under your beautiful brown eyes, you can cover them with concealer and banana powder. You should also make sure this area of your face is even better hydrated. You can apply special eye creams on this area every night and morning.

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