5 Fashion Trends You Would Love to Wear This Year
Beautiful woman is in fashion style in black mini skirt

5 Fashion Trends You Would Love to Wear This Year

When it comes to fashion, every single person on the planet should have their own style, but that does not mean that you should not pay attention to the fashion trends which are renewed every year. You probably wonder what it is like millions of people around the world to be wearing your clothes, and you to be their inspiration and a person to look up to. So, who are the lucky people who set the tendencies? They are the most famous fashion designers in the world. And since we cannot talk to them directly, we can only present you their ideas that were shown on the runways in the beginning of the year, in other words this-year’s fashion tendencies.

Midi skirts

Nowadays it seems like we are glued to our jeans and are afraid to show our legs, because we think they are either too white, because of lack of sun light on them, or too fat, which definitely could not be so, just your vivid imagination is playing tricks on you. However, you have no excuse no to wear midi skirts, they are not that short as the mini ones, and can definitely hide some imperfections, if you have any. On top of that, these skirts are very comfortable, you won’t be afraid when there is a strong wind blowing that it could expose your panties to the people around you. And another reason to try them on, well because you will be absolutely fashionable this year.

Tulle Skirts

These skirts were an absolute hit last year, but will continue to be this year as well. Tulle is very gentle and they are easy to work with. This is why these skirts are also used in DIY projects. A lot of women start sewing their own clothes using this material. Another positive characteristic of the tulle skirts that they hide imperfections of the body. You can wear short tulle skirts, or long tulles skirts and you still be rocking it.

Neoprene Swimsuits

These swimsuits will be an absolute hit this year. There are already dozens of designs in the stores you can choose from and all of them are with neoprene material. If you do not feel comfortable with wearing one-piece neoprene swimsuit, you can wear only monokinies with a different material top. Neoprene looks kind of like rubber, and is also used for other types of clothing, not only swimsuits, but also jackets, dresses, and even shoes.

Jogger Pants

Since it is spring an, of course, summer is coming, you should forget for a while about people’s favorite color when it comes to clothes – black. Try instead some jogger pants with colorful and playful prints, think of flowers, evenly but do not forget about the colors. Also, these pants will not keep you warm. They are very comfortable and are suitable if you want to go for a walk in the park, and why not go to work with them? You will look fresh and younger.

Statement Sweatshirts

Statement shirts are amazing because you can one way or another create your look. First of all, you can write whatever you want on your shirt, or put whatever picture you want on it. Second, your outfit will gather some amazed looks on the street. These shirts are definitely a conversation starter and a lot of people will start asking you questions like “what does this mean?” or “why did you decide to write such a statement?”. One thing is also sure, you will be absolutely fashionable.

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