5 Fashion Secrets for Plus Size Girls
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5 Fashion Secrets for Plus Size Girls

In the past skinny girls ruled in the fashion industry. Nowadays, however, things have changed after a lot of young girls, being affected by fashion, have started suffering from eating disorders. Of course, obsession with losing weight nowadays is still a lot of girls’ number one priorities, but at least not to such an extent that it is dangerous for their health. In fact, being a plus size girl is considered to be quite attractive and sexy. And since we agree with this statement, today we are going to turn our attention to the plus size ladies and reveal some secrets about dressing so that they feel and look good. Here are our secrets.

#1 Play with colors

If you are not feeling comfortable in your own body because you do not want to show your curves, then we suggest you try this little trick – playing with colors. If you choose a top that has a lot of colors mixed, it will work as a distraction and will hide those parts of your body you are not feeling comfortable about.

For example, if you feel like you have some extra fat on your arms, you can put on a blouse with colorful sleeves, while the rest of the blouse is only in one color. You can also do this with other parts of your body. For example, if you do not feel comfortable about your legs, try with colorful skirt in different geometrical shapes to create an optical illusion. And speaking of skirts….

#2 Length is your friend

The easiest way to hide or to cover some part of your body you are not feeling comfortable about is just to wear something that is not too tight around it. That is why if you should definitely have at least a dress in your wardrobe. Dresses except from being very comfortable and feminine, can also hide some parts of the body. That is why a loose dress with a floor length is a perfect outfit for plus size girls, especially in the hot summer days.

#3 Rompers

A lot of plus size girls avoid wearing rompers because they think this way they will attract the attention to these parts of their bodies they do not like. In fact, it is completely the opposite. Rompers, both shorts and long-legs ones, will look good on plus size women, because they have more of a loose design and will not point to these parts of the bodies which in a way gain most weight, like hips, booty, belly. Besides, this spring and summer season rompers will be quite fashionable, so do not forget to consider them as one of your favorite outfits from now on.

#4 Show your curves

Well, it is time to stop hiding your curves and show them, because they are sexy. It is time to fill your closet with tight dresses, jeans and skirts, because being plus size is gorgeous and you should be proud of it. You do not need to avoid any kinds of clothes, especially if you like them. It is important to try a lot of different designs to see how they will look on you. And once you feel comfortable with your body, you will know all the fashion plus size secrets.

#5Where whatever makes you feel comfortable

Well, whatever we recommend it is important to feel comfortable in it, no matter which this year’s fashion trends are and what people tell you to wear. First of all, remember that you must love your body no matter whether it is considered by people to be beautiful or not. Remember that it is beautiful.

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