5 Everyday Habits that are Bad for You
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5 Everyday Habits that are Bad for You


Nowadays there are a lot of myths about healthy lifestyles and leading a good life. People go on extreme diets in order to lose weight, or do some king of workouts they have heard are good, but they do not know some specific details about them and they end up doing their own bodies more harm than good.

Today we have decided to break these myths and to help you stop doing them. Sometimes healthy lifestyle is not what you think it is and that is why you are doing it all wrong. So, check out these bad everyday habits and try to stop doing them.

#1 Taking multivitamins on tablets

There are a lot of people who know that vitamins and minerals are good for their bodies and that is why they take multivitamin tablets to give their bodies these healthy ingredients. However, such kinds of tablets turn to cause more harm than good to people. And this has been proven by a recent research. If you want to have good and healthy lifestyle, it is then best to include fruit and vegetables in your diet. Natural products are often better than the chemical ones, have it in mind.

#2 Using antibacterial hand gel

The next item in the list of everyday habits that are bad for you is washing your hands with antibacterial gels. We all know that sometimes when there is no place we can wash our hands at, we tend to use wet wipes or simply antibacterial gels to do the job. And they do kill some bacteria and germs.

However, if you use the ones which contain less than 60% alcohol, then this means you are not using a proper gel. The ones which contain less than 60% alcohol cannot kill all the bacteria and germs, thus this may cause some problems, including illnesses. It is best to wash your hands the old-fashioned way and to be sure that the germs are gone.

#3 Going on a detox diet

Detox diets are actually good for you, but many people do not know how to properly detox their bodies. They go on some extreme diets and drink only fluids for days, or eat only fruits and vegetables. It is good to eat fruits and vegetables, or to drink water, but this should not be the only thing you do for days. It is better to detox your body by having every day a meal from a separate food group.

For example, the first day have only dairy products, the second day have only fruits, the third day only meats. It is also good to see a doctor if you feel there is some problem with your liver. So, do not think that only drinking liquids for a day will get rid of all the toxins in your body.

#4 Consuming only low-fat products

There are a lot of people who think that losing weight and healthy lifestyle mean that one should not eat anything that is high in calories. They decide to eat only low-fat products like vegetables in order to keep fit.

This, however, is not the best thing to do since there are a lot of healthy kinds of foods which may contain more calories, but are much healthier for your body and can even help you lose weight. Such products are salmon and nuts, for example.

People think that if they skip eating fats or carbohydrates this will be good for them and their diets, but this is not true. One’s body needs proteins, fats, and carbohydrates and that is why people should consume foods from all the three groups. They just need to avoid the ones that are not healthy and to substitute them with healthier ones, like salmon and nuts.

#5 Keeping your emotions for yourself

The next really bad habit of a lot of people is not connected with food this time, but with their emotions. Many people consider showing their emotions a sign of weakness. And that is why they keep these emotions inside. This, however, is very bad not only for one’s emotional, but physical health as well.

Keeping such bad emotions inside yourself can increase your blood pressure and the sugar levels in your body. It is also possible that this way your immune system is weakened and your digestion slows down.

Stop keeping these emotions to yourselves. If you need help, talk to your family, see a shrink, or simply cry. Crying is good because it will make you feel more relaxed and some toxins get out of your body with the tears.

And if you are too much under pressure at work and your stress levels are high, you need to learn how to relax more. You may start doing some meditation, yoga, and some kinds of sports to help you get rid of stress.

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