5 Cool Toothpaste Hacks You Had No Idea about
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5 Cool Toothpaste Hacks You Had No Idea about


People these days are used to using products in a multifunctional way. For example, one can use baking soda to clean their silver jewelry, or they can use some aspirin to make themselves a nice relaxing foot bath.

The truth is that there are hacks that are not so useful but others could make you think “why did not I know about this sooner?” In this case it is best to know all the hacks out there and to choose to use the ones that match your needs the best.

Today we have prepared for you a list of hacks that you will hopefully find very useful and will try it out yourselves. And they all include toothpaste. Using toothpaste to wash one’s teeth twice a day is important for the oral hygiene, but have you ever though that this chemical could be used for many other things as well?

Here are some toothpaste hacks that will make you want to buy more toothpaste the next time you go to the supermarket.

#1 Heals burns

We all know that toothpastes are perfect for polishing and cleaning teeth but it turns out that they do a great job when it comes to healing burns. No matter whether you burn part of your body on the stove, the hotplate, or some fire, it is very painful and you need to find a cure fast.

You could heal the burn with some toothpaste. Apply it on the burnt place and you will soon notice some relief. This hack works great when do not have some medicines around you and you want a quick cure for the pain.

#2 Cleans sunglasses and goggles

The next toothpaste hack is for those of you who like wearing sunglasses, or for those of you who are swimmers. You could use some toothpaste to clean your sunglasses and goggles.

In the summer people are wearing sunglasses almost every day and thus they need to clean them regularly if they want to have a clear view. One could do this by rubbing some toothpaste onto the sunglasses. Let it dry and then rinse it or wipe the toothpaste away using a dry and clean cloth.

This way both the sunglasses and the goggles which could easily get foggy when you are swimming underwater will be brought back their initial shine.

#3 Gets rid of strong smells

The next hack is personally my favorite one. I like the smell of onions but whenever I cut them to use them in my cooking, my hands absorb the smell which lasts for days. It is not very pleasant to have washed your hands several times and they still to smell like onions.

If you have the same problem as me, then you could use this hack to get rid of the strong smells quickly. What you need to do is get some toothpaste and apply it on your hands. Rub them against each other as if you are washing your hands with a normal soap. Then all you need to do is to rinse your hands thoroughly and you will notice that after that your hands will not have the strong smell any more.

#4 Cleans electronics

The next hack is for those of you who use a lot of electronics. We all know that it is sometimes inevitable to scratch your phone, computer, or even TV set. The great part is that you could clean them using some toothpaste.

What you need to do is to apply toothpaste on the surface you want to clean and then sprinkle some water on it. Use a clean cloth to start rubbing the surface. If you have to get another clean cloth after the first round of rubbing to wash the remains of the toothpaste on the surface.

You could use toothpaste the same way to clean other dirty or scratched surfaces that need to be polished. And they will all look as good as new after that.

#5 Makes your nails stronger

The next thing you could use toothpaste for is connected to beauty. You could actually use toothpaste to make not only your teeth stronger but also your nails. This is because your teeth and nails are made of similar substances.

If you want to make your nails stronger you could use some toothpaste for the purpose. Apply some of it on your nails and rub them gently. You could use a toothbrush or your hands. Let the toothpaste dry and then you can wash your hands.

If you want this hack to have long-term effect on your nails, you need to apply toothpaste on your nails at least once a day for some time. Think of it as washing your teeth twice a day if you want to have strong teeth.

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