5 Cool Tips That Will Help You Freshen Up Your Style a Little
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5 Cool Tips That Will Help You Freshen Up Your Style a Little


There are a lot of girls who are wondering what to do to change their style in order to make it more fashionable but at the same time to still show their personality. This is sometimes not an easy task to deal with and one could use some help. And that is why we decided to give you some advice how to freshen up your style and will make you feel comfortable at the same time. So, here are our ideas!

#1 Have some bright pieces of clothing in your wardrobe

It is very important to have a balance between bright and dark colors in your wardrobe. Some of them may prevail but it does not mean to totally forget about the other types of hues. If you like wearing a lot of black clothes, for example, you could still have some pieces that will bring color to your overall outfit, like scarves. Even if your outfit is dark, a pop of color from some scarf as an accessory can do miracles.

The same goes for the ladies who prefer to wear over-the-top colorful clothes. Make sure you wear at least one of the main pieces of your outfit dark to complement the colorful part of the outfit and to make it stand out even more. That is why balance between dark and bright colors is very important and you should never go to extremes with these colors.

#2 Shoes can change your outfit completely

The next little tip that we are going to give you and that can easily change the whole look of your outfit is about the shoes that you wear. There are outfits that you can wear both with trainers and high heels but this way the whole look of the outfit will change.

If you wear some outfit with trainers, it would immediately become sporty. And if you wear the same outfit with high heels, it will become elegant and even sexy. That is why you need to take into consideration the power of shoes. And you also should keep a pair of high heels, even if you do not wear them on a regular basis, for special occasions.

#3 Add some dresses in your wardrobe

The next thing that can really help you freshen up your wardrobe a bit is if you add some dresses in it. There are a lot of women who do not wear dresses because they do not find them comfortable, or because they think that a dress would not suit their figure, but this is not true. There are a lot of different types of dresses for any kind of body shape. And, of course, there are a lot of different designs and fabrics so a woman could choose the dress that she feels comfortable in.

When it comes to freshening up the whole wardrobe, dresses could really help since they are going to add some femininity and elegance to it. You also should not ignore autumn and winter dresses. Their fabric may be thick, but they still can make a woman look very feminine and sweet, which could be harder to do during the cold months of the year. So, make sure you have some dresses in “your sleeve”. I meant “wardrobe”.

#4 Do not ignore accessories

I am personally in love with any kind of accessories because they do not only complement an outfit, they could make it or break it. It is very important to learn how to wear accessories and jewelries. Sometimes beauty is in simplicity and one accessory is more than enough for an outfit, like a watch or some sunglasses even.

On the other hand, if you love accessories, you should be also very careful not to have toomany such. Just stick to the old rule of the three pieces of accessories and not a single one more. You could wear a scarf, some sunglasses, and a watch. Or you could wear a bracelet, some earrings, and a belt. There are a lot of options, just keep it simple.

#5 Prepare your outfit from the night before

The last tip that we are going to give you is to make sure you prepare your outfits beforehand, usually from the night before. This way you will have the time to think what exactly to wear on the next day without being in a hurry.

Some people feel so sleepy in the morning that they do not care much about their outfits and simply put on whatever they see first in their wardrobe. Well, you should make sure you never do this, especially if you do not your personal style to be “whatever”.

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