5 Beauty Tricks for Desperate Moments
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5 Beauty Tricks for Desperate Moments


There are a lot of beauty tricks and beauty hacks women can learn from the internet. They are designed to help them achieve their beauty look flawlessly especially when they are in a hurry and do not have time to buy some new product that has just finished. Today we have prepared some beauty tricks for you which you definitely should consider trying if you end up in such a situation. Check them out!

#1 Create your own alternative eyebrow gel

The first of the tricks in our list will show you how to create an eyebrow gel to brush your brows the direction you want. And to give them the shape you want. What you will need is a clean mascara brush and some hairspray.

Spray the wand with the hairspray and brush your brows with it. The spray will help the brow hairs stay in the direction you want them to. Of course, if you do not have an extra mascara wand, you can use some small comb or something similar.

#2 Make your mascara last longer

We all probably have a favorite mascara that we have not used completely when it begins to dry out. You know that there is some extra product in it and you do not want to throw it yet. Well, if you want to continue using your mascara, or if you simply have not bought a new one yet, you can try this trick.

You need to squeeze a couple of drops of Vaseline into the mascara. The oily texture of the Vaseline will make the mascara watery again and you will be able to use it some more extra time. However, you need to know the expiration date of any of the makeup products you have. And that is where the next hack comes in.

#3 Check the expiration date of the product

We all know that the expiration date of any makeup product is stamped on it. However, this is not the expiration date after you open the product. When you open it and start using it, you immediately cut down the expiration date.

In fact, the period that you can use the product after you open it is written on the back of each of the products. For example, if it is 6M, then you need to know that you have 6 months to use the product before you throw it out. Otherwise, you may end up having some allergic reaction to it. It is better not to risk it but to stay safe and observe the expiration period.

#4 Petroleum jelly for your nails

You probably know that petroleum jelly has so many usages, that one should always keep a tube of it at home. One of its usages will help you a lot when you apply nail polish on your nails. You probably know that sometimes the situation can get really messy when you are applying nail polish alone.

One of the most common such situation is accidentally applying nail polish on your cuticles. This could ruin your whole manicure. And if you do not apply something on them to protect them, then you could have some extra things to do, cleaning the mess later.

Instead of this, you can simply apply a small amount of petroleum jelly around your nails, especially on your cuticles. This way even if you apply some of the nail polish outside the nail, you can clean it effortlessly from your skin with a Q-tip, for example, because the greasy petroleum jelly consistence will not let the nail polish stick on your skin.

#5 Clean white heads with a bobby pin

The next trick is quite useful especially when one does not have to see their cosmetician to clean their skin and to remove black and white heads. As you know, black and white heads are clogged pores which do not let the extra sebum to exit the pores completely. Some people have them often and since they are so annoying and unpleasant to look at, people get rid of them, until they appear again.

If you are in such a situation and you do not have a special tool which will help you remove the white and black heads from your skin, you can use a bobby pin instead. As you know, one of the ends of the bobby pin is rounded and in this case can serve as a tool.

Put the center of this end of the bobby pin on top of the white/black head you want to remove, and push it down carefully. The white/black head will then pop and what you have left to do is to scrape it with the bobby pin. And the job is done!

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