4 Products That Destroy Your Skin
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4 Products That Destroy Your Skin

If you ask most people which this part of the human body is that reveal one’s age, you are most likely to be answered – skin. And this is absolutely true. If you have white hair, which is another example of looking older, you can always dye it, but you cannot change your skin. So, it is very important to take care of your skin.

A lot of people do not realize this until they are old enough and there is nothing more that could be done about it. If you do not want to be in this kind of situation and to look older than you are, it is best to learn how to avoid some products that have a disastrous effect on your skin. Check them out.

#1 Sugar

It is so sad to hear that something so much delicious as sugar, and all the delicious sweets that contain sugar, are not good for your skin. It turns out that not only our weight suffers when we have another piece of chocolate, but also our skin. This is because the more sugar you eat, the higher will your blood sugar be. This results in having a negative reaction to the collagen and elastane in your skin. And as a result, it makes it look older.

#2 Alcohol

Well, this is probably no surprise to anyone, or it should not be at least. Alcohol has a lot of negative effects on the human body and one of them is that it works against the health and beauty of one’s skin. If you do not believe me, you could take a look at some pictures of alcohol-addicts. Their faces are so different from what they used to be before they turn to alcohol.

In the first place, alcohol dehydrates you. And you know that when your skin is dehydrated it looks old and unhealthy. Your face will become puffier, you will have darker circles under your eyes due to dehydration, and you could even have some red spots on your face. It is definitely not a pretty picture. And let’s just do not mention the rest of the devastating effects alcohol has on one’s body.

#3 Spices

Bad news to all of you who love spicy foods. It turns out that they are not very flattering when it comes to one’s skin. This is because spicy foods speeds up one’s metabolism, which in fact is not such bad news, but it also increases sweating and enlarges blood vessels. As a result one will have some redness on their skin and showing blood vessels through their skin, which is definitely not something that every person would want.

So, if you want to avoid this from happening, it is best to cut down spicy foods. Of course, if you love them a lot, you can have them from time to time, like once or twice in a month, but definitely do not eat it more often than that.

#4 Carbs

Carbs do not have such a negative effect as some of the abovementioned examples. However, if you turn them in one of your main kinds of food, they will then affect not only your skin, but your overall health. Carbs have big glycemic index.

Once in your body, they turn into sugar which we need to burn down, which is not as easy as some of us may imagine. This will then lead to gaining weight and thus it will make it harder for your body to produce collagen which is very important for the health and youth of your skin.

Remember that you should not eat only carbs and simply avoid them as much as possible if you want to have fresh and young skin, and slim and healthy body.

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