4 Not so Big Music Festivals That Are Actually Better Than Coachella

4 Not so Big Music Festivals That Are Actually Better Than Coachella

The famous Coachella festival is over and some of the people who have attended it probably sit there sulking in the corner because they have to wait a whole year for the next music festival. The truth is that Coachella is far not the best music festival in the world, and in the USA for that matter. If you have missed it and just watched your friends taking pictures of it, do not get jealous. The season of the music festivals is just beginning, and you have the whole summer to attend music festivals and to make some of your acquaintances jealous. Here are 4 not so big music festivals, but far better than Coachella.

Festival Number 1 Mysteryland, USA

This is an electronic dance music festival that is popular not only in the USA, but it also has its variations in the Netherlands and Chile. In the USA the festival is always held during the memorial day weekend in the beginning of May. Its history dates back to the 1994, but last year was its debut in the USA. If you are a kind of person that consider love, peace and having a good time as your ideals that make you keep going, then this is the right place for you. Here is a small list of names you can find there, and it is almost useless saying that these ones are at the top of all electronic dance music charts: Empire of the Sun, Kygo, Madeon, Diplo, Nesky and Porter Robinson. Why not give it a break this year and go partying next to the campfire? You could even turn it into a tradition and spend every Memorial day weekend from now on, in Mysteryland, USA.

Festival Number 2 Wakarusa

The second festival in our group is about a month later than the Mysteryland, so you will not have time even to start missing going to music festivals. Wakarusa is a music and camping festival. It dates back about 10 years ago. The first festival was organized in 2004 and it is even more famous today. If you want to become part of it, you could arrange your schedule and have four days from the Early to Mid-June free for it. And you probably wonder where is the spot you should go to. Well, such a special festival deserves a special place, it is the magical mountain Mulberry Mountain. The light, the music, and the atmosphere will all help you have the time of your lives and forget about your problems. The good news is that this festival is suitable for every music lover, despite their taste of music. It does not matter whether you like pop, rock, reggae, alternative music, or electronic music, you can all find feel you are on the right place.

Festival Number 3 Shambhala

Since you had your piece of music festival experience for June, then you could probably wait a little for August for the next music festival. And this is when the Shambhala music festival takes place. This is an electronic music festival that is held in the first week of August. Instead of your annual summer trip to the beach, you can spend a week on a festival instead. The place is Nelson, British Columbia. This is a very spiritual festival where you can do a lot of other activities than only getting drunk, for example. You can use your time to get closer to the nature around you, sleep under the open sky, and even climb the trees. And all of this experience mixed with the performances of more than 300 musicians and artists will make you feel really special and have the time of your life. And who knows, you may meet some special people and great friends.

Festival Number 4 Afro Punk Fest

As its name suggests, the Afro Punk Fest will make you a part of the black alternative culture. This festival will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year (it was first held in 2005) and hopefully, you will get the chance to experience some its strongest year. The festival lasts for two days only, so you will have no excuse not to go there. Do not think that if you are not part of the Afro people, you will be out of place there. On the contrary, you will even get the chance to know their culture better and, of course, to have a great time. The festival offers its guests a lot of different varieties of music, and not only alternative. You will get the chance to dance under the rhythm of reggae, hip hop and punk. And the best thing is that all of this is mixed with a variety of fashion trends and different kinds of cuisines.

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