4 Myths about Healthy Eating
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4 Myths about Healthy Eating


Many people decide to start eating healthy when the summer comes. This is not only because they want to look good when at the beach, but they also do not feel that much hungry because of the hot weather. You have probably noticed that you feel thirsty and not that much hungry when you feel hot. And this is the perfect time to start thinking about the way you eat.

Today we have decided to show you that not all of the things you think about healthy eating are true. There are a lot of myths which people still believe in, but they are not quite right. Here are some of the most common misbeliefs about healthy eating. You will see that not everything you believe in is quite straightforward.

#1 You should not eat any sugar

Many people believe that healthy way of eating involves no sugar at all. For example, they decide to take their coffee with no sugar at all and forget about eating any kinds of sweets. This is not the best strategy, though, because your body still needs sugar. If you stop eating any kinds of sugar completely, then your body would start craving it more.

At some point you will start stuffing yourself with chocolates and before you know it, your healthy way of eating will be ruined. What you can do in this case is to eat a couple of fruits a day, like an apple, some cherries, or a peach or two. This way you will give your body the sugar it needs and you will not feel excessive hunger for chocolate or other sweets.

#2 You should eat as little as possible if you want to lose weight

Some people think that the less they eat, the more weight they will lose. This, of course, is another myth in which a lot of people believe. If you are trying to lose weight, you should not starve, because this way not only your body exhaust itself, but it also tries to save its fats, because it does not know whether you are going to keep it starving for a long time or not.

If you want to trick your body, you need to give it food often, but in small amounts. Every week you also need to have a day in which you eat caloric things you would not normally have during the diet. This way you will show your body that you are not keeping it starving and it will not protect its fats that much. And thus you will lose weight more easily.

#3 Eating carbs and proteins at different meals will help you lose weight

There are a lot of diets which advise people of eating proteins and carbs at different meals. For example, if you have meat for lunch, you should not eat potatoes at the same time. And many people believe that separating carbs from proteins can really help them lose weight.

In fact, this is not completely true, because the most important part of losing weight is watching your calories. If you stuff with chocolate all day, you will not lose weight, but even gain some despite the fact that you are not mixing it with any other type of food. So, do not think of your body as something you may trick that easily. Have in mind the calories intake and that is it.

#4 Eating after 18:00 is not good

There is another misconception that late night eating is not good for the human’s body. In fact, this is not completely true, especially if you go to bed late. If, for example, you usually go to bed at 1 am in the morning, then you would have starved by then if you have eaten at 18:00.  And you already know how bad it is to have big intervals of time between your meals.

What you have to remember is that if you want to eat healthily, then you should have some kind of food in every three or four hours. This way your body will not exhaust itself and you will not feel starving. Leaving big gaps between your meals is neither good for your weight, not for your body, so try not to do it.

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