4 Fashion Outfits That Will Save You in Extreme Situations
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4 Fashion Outfits That Will Save You in Extreme Situations

Fashion is great, because it does not only give you a chance to express yourself, but it offers so many variations that it is impossible not to find something fashionable for your taste. Fashion can also save you in some sticky situations. If you have spilled some coffee all over your white shirt, for example, you can cover it up by wrapping a scarf around your neck trying to cover the stain. If you had an important meeting, but you are worried that your hair looks greasy, you can hide it under a fashionable hat. So, there are really quite useful ways to a person can look at fashion. Here are 4 fashion outfits every woman should have in her wardrobe in certain situations.

#1 Outfits for rainy days

Every woman should have special outfits for rainy weather. First of all, you need to have a pair of boots. There are some raining boots with different styles you can choose from. Make sure that whatever kind of shoes you choose, the material should be strong enough not to let any water come in your shoes to get your feet wet. It is also important to choose shoes above your ankle. This way even if you accidentally step into a puddle, your pants will be protected from the water.

You also need to have an umbrella. A lot of people hate wearing umbrellas and they stick to hoods, hats, or they just do not mind the rain. However, you always need to have an umbrella with you especially in the spring when it is very rainy. Just put a small folding umbrella in your bag and you will not even notice it is there when you do not use it.

Another thing you need to wear in rainy days is, of course, a long raincoat. There are some quite fashionable raincoats which can save your entire outfit from the rain. This way you will both be fashionable and not affected from the weather.

#2 Seeing your ex

When you break up with a person, this does not necessarily mean that you break all connections with them. You often have the same acquaintances and friends and you do not forget about them entirely. So, there are often cases when you and your ex can be at the same place celebrating one of your mutual friend’s birthdays. That is why you always need to have the perfect outfit for the occasion – something sexy and elegant.

Here is an example. A lined shirt in blue and white will be perfect for the occasion. Match it with a pair of black pants, which will both make you look slimmer and taller. Tuck the shirt into the pants and your main outfit will be ready. The other things left to deal with are the shoes and the accessories.

When it comes to shoes, you need to stick to the traditional black high heels, because they are elegant, sexy, and not over the top. There should not be too much accessories. A simple necklace, bracelet, and a clutch bag are just find to do the job, because they are not too much, but simple and elegant.

#3 Outfit for a job interview

You never know when a job opportunity might show up. That is why you need to have a suitable outfit for the occasion. Stick to the professional business colors, like gray, white, and black. Try with a simple white shirt, which it is a must in every woman’s wardrobe. This could be your centerpiece of your outfit. Then you can try with a pencil skirt, right above the knee. You can also add a thin belt if you like wearing belts in general. If the weather is cold, you can add a blazer as a finishing touch to your outfit. It could be in the same gray color as the pencil skirt.

When it comes to the accessories, it is better to avoid them. Stick to the simple and professional kind of look which would appeal more to the employers. You can wear a watch as a jewelry, and some small earrings, but do not wear more than 2 kinds of accessories. The last thing to consider about your outfit is the shoes. A black pair of high heels would do the job, because they are stylish and sophisticated. You can also put on a gray pair as well if you prefer.

#4 An outfit for a walk in the park

Summer is still not hear, but since the sun is beginning to shine more and more strongly, it reminds us that these summer days would soon come. That is why you need to be prepared for them. A loose colorful dress and a pair of flat sandals would be the prefect choice for it. Stick to the casual accessories, like a panama hat and a pair of brown sunglasses. The accessories should be in golden or brownish colors close to the natural colors which you will see in the park. One last thing you should not forget is to bring your good mood with you as well.

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