4 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas to Try out This Year
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4 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas to Try out This Year


Christmas is said to be the most wonderful time of the year. The festivity is all around and let’s just not mention all the pretty decorations around the city. It is a great time of the year when people want to be happy and spend some time with family and friends.

People want to add some of the festive atmosphere in their homes as well. That is why they decorate their houses beautifully. Some people do not have the opportunity to buy expensive decorations, though.

This does not mean that they will be left with no Christmas spirit in their house. They can decorate it with less money and in the end their home can be as beautiful as any of the other ones which are decorated for more money.

If you need some ideas how to do so, then have a look at the tips we have prepared for you today. Here are some DIY Christmas decoration ideas to try on your own for little money.

#1 Add green tinsel to your Christmas tree to make it bushier

The first thing you could do if you want to decorate your home for little money is to make your own bushy Christmas tree. There are plenty of fake Christmas trees you could get from one-dollar stores, but some of them are not the most beautiful ones.

They do not have many branches and look a bit rare. If you want to make your Christmas tree look as if it has more branches, you can add a green tinsel around the bushes to make it look it is a part of the tree. This will make your decorations look better on it later as well.

#2 Christmas jars for your holiday table

The next cheap and easy way you can decorate your home for Christmas is to create holiday jars and to put them on some coffee tables or on your dinner table to add some more Christmas spirit atmosphere.

What you need to do is to get a few empty jars and to stuff them with greenery, like tree branches. You could, of course, use some fake tree branches if you prefer.

Then get some cranberries and put a handful of them in each one of the Christmas jars you want to create. The cranberries will stay on top and some of them will fall in between the green tree branches making the jars look a bit more colorful.

Lastly, you need to get floating candles. Their number should be the same as the number of the jars. Light the candles and put them on top of each of the jars. And voila, your table Christmas decoration is ready without paying a lot of money.

#3 Create snowflakes using glue

Glue is one of the most used items when it comes to DIY ideas. And it can help you decorate your home for Christmas as well. You can actually create snowflakes using glue. You will just need some hot glue gun and some peppers.

If you want to make it easier for you to create the snowflakes, you can print some snowflake shapes on paper. You simply need to trace the design of the snowflake on the paper with your hot glue gun. Let it stay like that until the glue dries perfectly.

Once this is done unstick the snowflakes from the paper. Add a couple of drops of hot glue on the back of the snowflake and stick it on your window or some other object in your home where you want to add Christmas decorations. And voila, this cheap DIY trick is both easy and pretty.

#4 Use mirror ornaments for a larger Christmas lighting effect

We mentioned that the hacks we have included in our list are cheap but pretty as well. One of the most popular Christmas decoration is Christmas lights. However, since they are not the cheapest item, you can get only a string of such and create an illusion that there are more lights than there actually are.

What you will need to do is to get some mirror ornaments. If you have some broken mirror at home, you could use the opportunity to make it useful once again, just be careful not to cut yourself.

You will need mirror ornaments, some small hooks, you can even use safety clips for this purpose, and glue. Stick a hook behind each one of the mirror ornaments using glue. And then let it dry.

Once this is ready, you can hang the mirror ornaments on your Christmas tree near the string of Christmas lights. This way the light from the lights will be reflected by the mirror pieces and will create the illusion that there are more lights on your Christmas tree than there are actually. Another easy and useful Christmas decoration idea.

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