3Fashion Ideas for Wearing a Simple White T-shirt
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3Fashion Ideas for Wearing a Simple White T-shirt


There are many people who think that simple fashion items cannot be chic, so they just wear these clothes at home. This, of course, is not entirely true. Fashion is something that a person should have fun with. There are never strict rules and the great thing is that fashion changes constantly.

In fact, one could think that some clothes are inappropriate to wear in public places because they are too scandalous, or too simple, but if you match them with the right fashion items, you could have a really stylish look which is good enough for public places.

Today we have decided to show you different ways of wearing a simple white t-shirt. And all of these looks are suitable for a day in the office, the park, or even a first date. Who could have thought that white t-shirts could do this?!

#1 White from head to toe        

The first of our ideas is about wearing an outfit that is almost entirely white. It is also quite easy to choose since you are going to need a white t-shirt and a white pair of pants. You could choose jeans as well if you prefer.

Then you could match this outfit with different kinds of accessories. For example, choose a golden necklace that is not too big, but will just gently compliment your décolletage and your white t-shirt.

As for the shoes and the bag, it is preferable that you do not choose white ones. Here you could add another color, but let it be some neutral one, like brown or black. This season such combinations are popular and look fresh and sophisticated – perfect for the summer.

#2 Street chic

The next look is perfect for a walk in the park, going shopping with your friends, or going to the cinema with your date. It is casual, but not too much and it is very comfortable as well. A great outfit to wear in the city.

So, you already know what the top part of the outfit consists of – a white t-shirt. It is preferable if the t-shirt is a bit loose and long, but any kind of white t-shirt would do if you do not have a loose one.

Match it with a short pair of black leather pants. Leather looks very sophisticated and chic and at the same time you will not feel hot in the pants since they are short. This way you will also make your legs look longer.

The next step is to choose the accessories. Actually, you could only stick to wearing a shoulder bag and to skip wearing any kinds of jewelries because your outfit would be stylish enough. But if you still want to add something, then try with a silver-color watch. It will complement your look.

The bag could be in silver again, or even in bronze. It is preferable to stick to pastel or neutral colors because the bag is your accessory and not the main part of your outfit. As for the shoes, fashionable sneakers in black or white will do the job perfectly.

#3 Evening look

A white t-shirt could be even worn at some special occasions. If you have to attend some kind of event with your colleagues, or if you are going to dinner to meet the parents of your boyfriend, you could still wear a white t-shirt and look amazing in it. The important thing is to choose the right t-shirt and the right skirt.

So, this time you are going to need a fitted white t-shirt. You could try one with high neckline and with sleeves in medium-short length. Match it with a pencil high-waist skirt that is just a little bit above the knee. Since the t-shirt is white, you could freely choose a bolder color for the skirt.

If you really want to stand out a skirt in floral print would be a really good choice. You can also wear the skirt with a belt in a complementing color, for example, light brown or beige.

When it comes to the shoes, high heels are just obligatory. You could match their color with the color of the belt, beige. The important thing is not too choose a too strong color for them, because the accent of your outfit needs to be the floral skirt.

A simple evening bag in black would also complement your outfit perfectly. And do not forget about the jewelries. A big black necklace would match the outfit and would stand out on the white t-shirt.

The last thing you have to do is to put a smile on your face and enjoy your look!

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