3 Types of Exercises that are Bad for Your Skin
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3 Types of Exercises that are Bad for Your Skin


We are all used to hearing that sports are good for a person’s health. People are encouraged to do physical exercises daily because this way they will keep their weight under control and they will stay healthy and strong. Another reason to do exercises is to keep one’s skin strong and elastic.

However, not all kinds of exercises are good for a person’s skin. Some of them cause skin problems in one way or another. So, today we are going to show you which kind of exercises are not bad for one’s skin and in what way. Check it out!

#1 Boxing and CrossFit

The first type of exercise that is bad for one’s skin is boxing and the next one is CrossFit. The reason for this is simple – these kinds of sports require special equipment, one needs boxing gloves for boxing and weights to lift for CrossFit.

When you go to the gym to do these kinds of sports, you need to be well aware of the bacteria spread on the equipment. If a lot of people are using it, then the chance of getting disgusting germs and bacteria on your body gets higher. This could lead to inflammations and skin irritation, including rashes.

If you do not want to deal with such skin problems, then there are two things you could do if you practice these sports. The first one is to use your own equipment. This way you will reduce the chance of getting in touch with some germs and bacteria.

The next thing which is also recommended is to wash your hands right after a workout and never, ever to touch your face with your hands during a workout because you could accidentally spread bacteria on your sensitive facial skin.

#2 Running

Experts say that running is one of the most effective ways to lose weight. However, it does have some consequences when it comes to one’s skin and especially the facial skin. Some people call this problem “the runner’s face”.

Here is what happens: when one is running, their flesh jumps up and down, especially this part of one’s body which has some extra flesh and skin. This way when you are running the skin on your face, particularly on your cheeks, jumps up and down and this way it is very likely to become less tight.

If you are a keen runner and you tend to run a lot daily, then you are very likely to have this problem in the future. That is why you need to apply special moisturizing creams or even homemade facial masks for tighter skin.

You could also think of a way to stop your skin from getting loose by wearing facelift garments, like chin straps which will hold your skin in place. It could be a little strange to run in public wearing such a thing, but you can be sure that it will help your skin.

#3 Swimming

Swimming is a lot of people’s favorite sport not only because it is pleasant, but because they can lose some extra weight and burn more calories in the pool than at the gym, for example. However, there are some disadvantages to it, as there are about probably every single thing in the world. And the top one here is connected to the bad effect the water has on one’s skin.

If you spend too much time in the pool where the water is chlorinated, you could soon end up having dry skin. This is because the chlorine takes away the lipids from your skin and thus leaves it dry and even itchy.

You may have noticed this that when you come out of the pool you feel your skin weak and uncomfortable. That is why you always need to apply a moisturizing cream after going for a swim. It would be best if you apply a cream with ceramides which will restore the protective layer destroyed by the choline in the pool.

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