3 Stylish Outfits for Work to Try This Month
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3 Stylish Outfits for Work to Try This Month


It seems that there is not a single woman in the world that has enough clothes and shoes at home. Women constantly do not have a thing to wear even if their wardrobe is full of clothes. Women are very indecisive when it comes to choosing their outfit for the day on the spot. That is often why a lot of them prepare their outfits for the next day beforehand. This way they will have enough time to change their mind and to choose something else.

February is quite a cold month but it is also true that there are sometimes warmer days which remind us that the end of the winter will soon come. And that is when women may experiment with their winter outfits without being afraid to feel cold during the day. Today we have prepared for you a few outfit ideas for work which may inspire you to try them on this month.

#1 Casual lady

The first of our outfit suggestions is quite casual but at the same time is a suitable one for a working environment. When it comes to casual outfits, the first thing that pops in our mind is a pair of jeans. And this is exactly what one of the three main items of this outfit is. You can choose a lighter pair of jeans which can be also a little bit faded ones.

Match them with a nice long white woolen turtleneck. It will keep you warm and at the same time you will feel comfortable and sophisticated. The third main item of the outfit is the coat. Choose a long beige one. Coats are a perfect type of outerwear which are suitable for the warmer winter days. They are also very elegant and sophisticated and that is why every woman should have at least one winter coat in her wardrobe.

#2 Red and Blue

The next outfit is in two very suitable colors for a working environment – dark blue and dark red. A lot of people think that black, white, and gray are the colors that match a working environment the best, especially when it comes to the outfits of the employees.

However, this does not mean that one should not wear colorful clothes, like the ones in blue, red, green, and even yellow. The trick is to find the most suitable colors for such a business environment, which means that it would be best if the colors are dark.

So, our colorful business outfit suggestion consists of a high-waist pleated skirt in a dark blue color and a tucked-in beige blouse. Match these two main items with a pair of dark red pantyhose and ankle boots or a pair of high heels in the same or similar red color.

As a finishing touch to the outfit, you could add a briefcase if you want to look even more sophisticated. You could choose one in either the dark blue color you have chosen for the skirt, or in the dark red you have chosen for the shoes. This depends on your personal taste and both of the ideas will match the outfit perfectly.

#3 Beige all the way

The main color in the next outfit idea is beige. All brown hues are suitable for a working environment. This color is a subtle one and matches the strict environments in some offices. So, here is out suggestion.

For this outfit we have chosen a pair of black fitted pants which to give your figure both elegance and femininity. The next items are a white long-sleeve shirt and a warm beige blouse.

Put the blouse on top of the white shirt and show only the sleeves and the collar of it. This way you will give a retro touch to the outfit. And then match all of these with a nice long woolen coat again in beige color. This way you will look very smart and business-oriented.

As for the shoes, you can choose a pair of ankle boots. This way your outfit will be visually divided into two parts. The first – the beige one and the second – the black one. You can wear all your hair up in a tight bun to look even more professional.

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