3 Stylish Outfit Ideas to Wear in the Office in September
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3 Stylish Outfit Ideas to Wear in the Office in September


September is one of the months which people hate or love. One may hate it because it is the month when summer ends, school comes and there is a bit of a melancholy in the air. However, there are a lot of positives about it. The weather is warm but not too warm which makes people travel more and gives them more opportunities for fashionable and stylish clothes.

Every season and even every month could be a person’s inspiration to wear cool new clothes and color combinations. The same goes for September. Even if you like it or not, you could make it your inspiration and wear some cool outfits that will also make you feel good and fresh in them. Today we have prepared for you some office outfit ideas you could wear this month.

#1 Keep it stylish and simple

The first of the ideas in the list is personally my favorite one because I like stylish clothes which are cool and not over-the-top and at the same time make you feel attractive. This month you could go to work dressed in a simple black t-shirt and a pair of skinny denim jeans.

The other important thing that you can add to the main outfit pieces is a pair of black high heels. They are fashionable and elegant and at the same time they are classy which makes them a perfect type of shoes to wear in the office.

The next thing you can wear with this outfit is shoulder bag which you could wear in black to match the overall color of the outfit, or you could wear it in blue and this way you can match the color of the denim jeans.

#2 Red pants for bold women

The next outfit in the list is quite fresh and it is perfect for the current season. You can wear a pair of loose red pants to work and you can match them with a fitted blouse. You need to make sure that only one of the two items, in this case the bottoms, is loose. If both are loose this will make the outfit slouchy and definitely not as good for the office as one would want.

One of the most suitable types of shoes for loose and high waist pants is high heels. And that is why this is our choice for this outfit. It is better to avoid black color. You may wear white high heels to match their color to the color of the top. As for the bag, you need to avoid matching it to the color of the shoes. It is better to either match it to the color of the pant, or, even better, to choose another color for it. You may wear beige or brown for example.

#3 Orange from top to bottom

The third outfit in the list is all about a certain color – orange. When it comes to office outfits, a lot of people think that only dark colors are suitable and bright ones should be avoided. If you choose the right dress and, however, the color can not only fit the environment, but it can also stand out in a good way.

You could wear an orange dress with long sleeves that it is knee-longor some that is a little bit lower than the knee to match the office environment. The dress should not be neither too fitted, nor too loose. You can wear it with high heels in black color. The two colors will look great together. When it comes to the accessories, you could wear long gold necklaces or such ones in a golden color.

The other item that you need to add is a handbag. You could choose one in black and white. This way you can match the black color of the shoes but you will not stick only to it which will make the choice of colors much more appropriate. Or if you want to be a little bit more straightforward, you could wear a handbag in black and orange to match the color of the outfit completely.

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