3 Romantic Hairstyles to Try for Your Next Date
Romantic couple holding hands together over candlelight during romantic dinner

3 Romantic Hairstyles to Try for Your Next Date

When women get ready for a date, they put special attention to their makeup and not that much to their hairstyle. Or this is at least one of the most common cases. It depends on the type of hair you have and whether you are used to wear your hair in a special way.

If you are one of the girls, like me, who skip hairstyles when they have special occasions, like a date, for example, you should have in mind that men notice hairstyles as much as they notice makeup. And sometimes their date’s hairstyle is the one that impresses a man the most, and not makeup.

So, if you plan on going on a date soon, you should better be prepared and have some hairstyle ideas you may try, especially if you want to look beautiful and romantic.

Hair bow

With all of these hairstyles we will try something both romantic and easy. And the first hairstyle in the list is the perfect example. It is suitable for ladies with very long hair, but it would also look great on medium-length hair, especially if it is thick one. So, here is what you need to do.

First, tie the hair that is on the crown of your head in a back ponytail. Make sure it is secured tight because if the base is not strong enough it may ruin the entire hairstyle. When you are making the last flip, however, you should not do it like a ponytail, but keep half of the ponytail in the elastic band.

Then divide the remaining bubble of hair into two parts and keep them apart by using a lock of hair from the one which is hanging from the hair you used to make the half ponytail. Wrap it twice around the center of the divided hair and secure it with bobby pins or with a small nude rubber band that it no differentiate from your hair color a lot.

Waterfall braid

Women fell in love with this braid a couple of years ago, but we can say that waterfall braid is this a number one hit among women, especially if they are looking for an attractive and romantic hairstyle to wear on their date. It is easy to do, but you may probably need some help from a friend if you want to make it all the way to the center of your head. Here is how to do it.

Start from the right side of your head. Get two locks of hair and flip the right over the left one. Then get another lock of hair which should be on the same level as the other two and put it between the first two locks. Then flip the first two locks again and leave the third lock hanging down.

Then get a new lock of hair on the same level as the first ones and put it again between the two main locks. And basically from now on you need to repeat the same steps over and over again until you decide that the waterfall braid is long enough. Secure the remaining hair from the two main locks with crisscrossed bobby pins and try to hide it under the rest of your hair.

Big and loose curls

The next idea for a date hairstyle is not only romantic and beautiful, but it is also very easy to do. The only thing you will need is a t-shirt and not even a curling iron, which also means that you will not use any heating on your hair and you keep it strong and healthy.

Start with damp hair. Then get the t-shit and twist it so that it becomes like one long piece and you can be able to make a circle of it. Then divide your hair equally on your head which means that if you do not have bangs, you need to brush some of your hair forwards.

Then get a lock of hair and wrap it around the twisted t-shirt a few times until the whole lock is twisted. Then get another lock and twisted in the same way like the first one until all of your hair is twisted around the t-shirt crown on your head.

You even will not need to secure the twisted hair with bobby pins because the wrap is strong enough to keep the hair in place. Sleep overnight like this and in the morning remove the t-shirt. And voila, you will have natural-looking loose curls for your date the next day.

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