3 Fashion Outfit Ideas for Wearing a Trench Coat in the Fall
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3 Fashion Outfit Ideas for Wearing a Trench Coat in the Fall


Fall is a great season for fashion because the weather is neither too cold, nor too hot, unlike summer when sweating often prevents people from paying extra attention to their outfits, or unlike winter when some people say the weather is too bad to worry about the way they look.

I certainly disagree with these two statements but one cannot help but notice that autumn is perfect for fashion. Some days could be warm and one can wear their thin seasonal clothes then and during the cold days one could wear their thick winter-like clothes. One can find everything they need at this time of the year.

Today we are going to give you some outfit ideas suitable for the fall. The main piece in all of them is a trench coat. Trench coats are perfect for the fall because they are comfortable and stylish and at the same time they will protect you from the chilly weather. So, here are our suggestions for you!

#1 Urban Chic

The first suggestion in our list is suitable for a day in the office, if you do not have some strict dress code, or for a day in the city. And that is why it is called Urban Chic.

For this outfit we have chosen a short black dress that is a span above the knees. It should not be too loose and certainly not fitted. You could wear it with some thin golden belt under the breasts and with some black leggings.

And since the main part of the outfit is so dark, you definitely need to match it with some bright color trench coat. You could choose yellow for it and this way to match the golden color of the belt under the trench.

As for the rest of the accessories, you could stick to black and some golden or yellow. You could wear black ankle boots and a shoulder bag in black with some shiny golden-color metal ornaments. And you could complete this outfit by putting a nice floppy hat in black.

#2 Sports Chic

The next outfit idea in our list is oriented towards all the sporty chicks out there, or the girls who want to look fabulous even when they are dressed in casual outfits.

You could actually wear a trench coat in a sporty kind of way and look absolutely fashionable. The things that you need to pay attention to while you are choosing the pieces for your outfit are the shoes. They are going to give this casualness to the outfit.

You could wear a long sporty dress with sneakers and to match them with a long trench coat. As for the colors, you may stick to more autumn colors, or you could wear grey dress with black trench and black and white sneakers.

If you want, you could wear a pair of skinny jeans and some fall sweater instead of the sporty dress. This way you will stick to the casualness of the outfit as a whole and you will look good and be comfortable.

#3 Fashionista in black and white

The next outfit in our list is maybe the one that is a representation of a working woman who still has time to look drop dead gorgeous and her outfits show it. And not only this, but this outfit looks expensive even if it is not. This is because it is in black and white and such kinds of outfits look chic, expensive and elegant.

If you want to make a really good impression with this outfit, then you definitely need to pick a white trench coat and to match it with some black fitted pants and maybe some black shirt with silver ornaments. You could choose grey shirt instead of the black if you do not want your main outfit to be only in black.

The next important item that you need to include in this outfit if you want to make it look even more expensive is a pair of black stiletto shoes. You may choose some pointy shiny shoes. When it comes to the jewelry for the outfit, it is best to stick to silver type of such since it will best match the black-and-white colors of it. This will make you an elegant fashionista for sure.

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