3 Casual Winter Outfit Ideas to Try This Season
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3 Casual Winter Outfit Ideas to Try This Season


People usually spend most time working which means that they should have mostly clothes for their working place. Of course, this is not always so. Women’s wardrobes are full of clothes they do not wear, so why would one need dozens of clothes to pile in their wardrobe?

Maybe it is time to check what you have in your wardrobe and decide whether you are going to wear it again or not. And to inspire you to keep some of your casual clothes, we decided to show you a few casual outfit ideas for the winter which will help you look good and comfortable at the same time. Check them out!

#1 Over-the-knee boots with long knitted sweater

The first of our casual winter suggestions is actually quite sexy as well. It is not over-the-top one, but you would be better off not wearing it to work. You could wear it on a daytime date, or when you go shopping. It is a very simply outfit with few items.

The main two ones that you are going to need are a long knitted woolen sweater and over-the-knee boots. You could wear only these two items if you are not too cold, or you could put on some pantyhose, or leggings on under the sweater to additionally protect your thighs.

The long sweater will seem like a dress and the long boots will both cover your legs protecting them from the cold. At the same time the boots will add some sexiness to the outfit and will make it more elegant.

You could match the outfit with some sunglasses if you wear it on a sunny winter day. You could also wear it with a shoulder bag with long handles. And a couple of rings or bracelets. Do not cover yourself and the outfit with necklaces, or earrings and keep it rather simple and yet sexy.

#2 Pom-pom hats and thick scarves

The next outfit will surely appeal to those of you who love wearing accessories. Winter is the perfect season to pay special attention to the accessories of your outfit because layering and thickness are definitely two of the things suitable for the season since one needs protection from the cold. And you can do this by wearing thick scarves and pom-pom hats.

Pom-pom hats have been popular during the last few winter seasons. This one is no exception. If you are in your 20s, such hats will definitely suit you. They are a bit more casual and quite cute.

You can match such hat with a woolen sweater and some casual skinny jeans. You can also match it with a scarf but you need to make sure it is not that thick so they do not “beat” each other’s thickness.

If you want to wear a very thick and warm woolen scarf, you can do it but make sure your hat, if you wear such, is not too thick. Or you could simply leave the hat and stick to the big scarf. The outfit will look great.

And since we did not mention the main part of the outfit but only the accessories, you should not hesitate to wear a sweater with some jeans and boots, or ankle boots. You could change the sweater and the jeans and create several different outfit ideas.

#3 Faux fur vest

The last casual outfit idea we have prepared in our list is with faux fur. This fabric is one of the top trends this season and it is perfect for the winter season because it keeps warm. On a not so cold winter day you could wear a leather jacket with a faux fur vest on top. It is casual but also suitable for a day out. You could even go to work wearing it.

You could match the fest with some not so loose sweater and some skinny jeans. You should not add extra layers and make the outfit too loose because the faux fur vest itself is thick enough and the extra thickness of the other layers of your outfit will add more volume to your figure. That is why it is better to stick to fitted clothes. As for the shoes, the outfit will look great with some knee boots.

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