3 Animals You Do Not Expect to Make Great Pets
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3 Animals You Do Not Expect to Make Great Pets

When people think of pets, they usually imagine some of the most typical ones, like cats and dogs. From centuries these animals have made the greatest kinds of pets that people nowadays a lot of people cannot even imagine that there could be other animals which would make great pets. In fact, there really are and make you believe in it, we are going to give you reasons why these animals would make perfect pets, even if you had no idea about it before. Check them out!


Admit it, you would not have expected that a normal farm pig would be included in this list. It turns out that pigs make a great pet even if you live in an apartment. There are some reasons for this. On the first place, pigs are clean animals. Of course, if they have a chance to get dirty and play in the mud, they would do it, but if you keep them in your apartment they would be spotless.

On the second place, pigs do not have a lot of fur, like dogs and cats, which means that there would be no need to keep cleaning after them.

Pigs are also great cuddlers. They would not wake you up at 3 AM just because they are not sleepy and want to play with something, like some other members of the animal kingdom. They can come and even sleep next to you on your bed.

Pigs are also quite smart. You have probably heard about the way these are used to find truffles. And it is not only this, but pigs can save their owner’s life. Once a brave pig has waken up its owners when there was a fire in the house. Pigs are smarter than you can imagine and after all are very cute.


Here is another animal that most of the people would not consider as the best pets. It is mostly because of their spines. People think they will not be able to touch their pet, because they think it is going to be painful in touch. In fact, this is not the case. The spines of hedgehogs are only painful when the animal feels that it is in danger. Then it protects itself with its spines. If you treat your hedgehog right, it will love you back and it will even leave you touch its spines which would be quite soft in touch.

Another reason why hedgehogs would create the perfect pet is that they do not take a lot of space. You would only need a tank with some small facilities for the pet. You can keep it on your desk and even make it an office pet. Hedgehogs do not need a person top take care of them constantly, so if you leave it for a day, it will be able to survive without special cares.

Taking care of a hedgehog is also not very expensive. These animals are so small that the amount of food an average person eats for a day would be probably the amount of food a hedgehog eat for 2 weeks. They eat fruits and vegetables, so there will be no need to buy special food for hedgehogs. You can even give it some leftovers.

Last but not least, your pet hedgehog would love you back if you treat it right. You will soon notice it. Animals in general feel when people treat them right and they will not be afraid of you. The same way hedgehogs will get used to you, to your touch, your smell and your skin, while they will be stiff with your guests or other people who come to visit it.


Out of the three animals, this one is probably the most popular as a pet, but in general a lot of people do not want to have rabbits for pets. The main reason is that rabbits are considered smelly, but this is true for all kinds of animals if you do not clean after them. In fact, if you make a special place for your pet rabbit which to use as a loo and you clean it daily, you will not have any problems with the smell.

Another reason to have a rabbit as a pet is that they are quiet animals that do not bark and thus would not wake you up early in the morning. They will just jump around the house and keep you company. You can cuddle them as much as you like, because they are quite fluffy and would not bite you or scratch you. You also do not need to take them for a walk and you can easily travel with them if there is not anyone you can leave your bunny to while you are on vacation. It turns out that having a pet rabbit is great.

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