2017 Bold Beauty Summer Trends
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2017 Bold Beauty Summer Trends


Every year and every season there are new trends both fashion and beauty ones. Some of them are praised and stay under the spotlights longer, while others are somewhat too shocking and unusual that people talk about them for a month or so and then they are well forgotten.

This season is no exception to this rule and there are some very interesting and some quite unusual beauty trends that not all people would be willing to try. Today we have prepared such a list for you. Let’s see if you are going to try them.

#1 Metallic freckles

Recently freckles have become quite popular especially among the younger generation. A lot of young ladies started dreaming about having freckles since they are very cute and often eye-stoppers. But since not everybody is born with freckles, they can get them in another way. Some women decide to have temporary freckles as temporary freckles on their faces that will make them even more beautiful and interesting.

That is probably why it is no surprise that one of the top beauty trends this season is connected to freckles. To match all the shine, the glamour and partying of the summer, some of the most popular freckles this season are metallic ones. They are perfect for a night out when you go clubbing, or when you attend some music festival. And they certainly will not be over-the-top at such places.

#2 Temporary tattoo with a scent

Temporary tattoos nowadays are something that children are more likely to be interested in. Grown-up people prefer real tattoos since they will not be removed as fast as the first shower you have.This season, however, temporary tattoos will be one of the top beauty trends especially if they have a nice pleasant scent to them.

This is actually the thing that makes them so popular this year – the scent. First of all, scented tattoos are something new. Secondly, if you choose a flower tattoo then the scent added to it will make it even more special, interesting, and lifelike. And lastly, it will help you smell fresh in the hot summer days. Pretty and thoughtful.

#3 Floral eyeliner

And speaking of flowers here comes the next beauty tip in the list – floral eyeliner. Floral prints are one of the top trends this summer and not only when we refer to the clothes but also to makeup. If you are willing to try something more colorful and brighter this summer, then you could try some colorful floral eyeliner.

There are a couple of ways to do that. The first one is to apply some small flower stickers on your upper lash line to create a cat eye. The next one is to draw flowers on your eyelids focusing on the lash lines.

And the last one, which is probably the easiest one, is just to stick to colorful eyeliners. You may use different colors, like yellow and blue and you can combine them as well. This way you could make your eyes stand out even more.

#4 Colorful mascara

And speaking of colorful makeup, here comes the next top trend this summer which is again connected to colorfulness. You can use colorful mascara instead of the black or brown ones for the summer. You could use some blue, green, yellow, or white mascara and apply them on your lashes.

Since the summer season is all about colors and freshness, then you could think of this trend as something fresh and fun to try. When the autumn comes, you could go back to your makeup routine.

#5Unicorn highlighter

And speaking of colorful makeup, the next beauty trend for the summer will probably come as no surprise. It is actually unicorn highlighter. Last year unicorn items were very popular in fashion after scientists discovered that unicorns actually existed. While this summer, apparently still influenced by this discovery, another unicorn trend appears.

This time it is all about the rainbow tail of the unicorn and that is why the trend is a rainbow highlighter. You can mix different colors, like pink, blue, and white to create an interesting mixture of highlighters that are afresh and interesting combination for the summer.

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