2016’s Makeup Trends are Here
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2016’s Makeup Trends are Here

With the coming of the New Year a lot of women start wondering about the makeup trends that are going to rule on this year’s runway shows. That is why we decided to stop the torture and tell our readers what kind of makeup they need to learn doing, so they keep pace with the makeup trends. Here are the top makeup trends. Which one do you like best?

#1 Blue, blue, blue…

The first makeup trend in our list would appeal to all the ladies who are in love with the blue color. This year blue will be part of any kind of eye makeup. Blue eyeliner, blue eyeshadow, even blue mascara – all of this will be part of this year’s makeup trends. So, if you like this color, you can experiment as much as you want, but remember that you need to apply it only on your eyes. And if you are not a fan of this makeup, do not worry, because there is still more to come.

#2 Lashes out

Everybody loves big lashes, so it is no surprise that they are also included in this year’s makeup trends. However, there is still a twist to it. This year’s trend does not include normally big lashes, or falsies, which seem to have been a trend for a lot of years now. Big, bold and beautiful lashes are just the beginning. Then you need to draw your lashes out, on your eyelids, to make your eyes look more doll-like. This trend is definitely an interesting one, and if you decide to follow it, you will definitely make quite a good impression on the people around you for, both for your interesting and bold choice.

#3 Dark vampire lips

Since winter has not gone already, and after all it is the first season of the New Year, there is one makeup trend which is overwhelmed by it – dark lips. Since winter’s colors are more of dark ones, the colors chosen for lipsticks are also dark. You can choose either dark red, or dark plum. And you can also make your lipstick work for you by making your lips plumper with it. You can do this by trying ombre lips – make the tips or the middle part of your lips lighter by applying white lip pencil or another lighter color. The combination of the dark and white colors will create an illusion of bigger lips.

#4 Pink eyes

If the trend with lips is all about the dark winter colors, the next makeup trend is inspired by the spring soft colors, like peach and pink. If you are used to seeing such colors only on your lips, then you would definitely find it strange to see them on your eyes. Do not worry, we all felt like that at first. But since every New Year should bring something new and something better, then you should definitely try pink and peachy makeup. The lighter colors will make your eyes pop more, and will give your look nice and feminine touch to it.

#5 A sparkle in your eyes

The last of the makeup trends we have prepared for you is again about the eyes. If peachy and pink eyes are more suitable for a daytime makeup, this one is definitely a more night one since it is all about sparkles. Sparkling makeup in any colors will be the diva of this year’s parties. No matter whether you choose gold, blue, or silver and white sparkling makeup, all kinds will look good on you when you go partying. The only thing left for you to take with you is your good mood and the night is yours, enjoy it!

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