10 Rules That Fit People Follow
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10 Rules That Fit People Follow

  1. They eat when they have to eat, not when their body claims certain desires. Fit people know their bodies well and they don’t pay attention to the cravings. They also plan their meals, which is a great opportunity to eat healthy, because you are easing your daily routine. If you choose a meal menu for the whole week at Sunday, then you won’t wonder what to eat and it is less likely to make the wrong choice when there is something health and easy to prepare right in the fridge.
  2. Often fit people are positive and shut the negative thoughts in their heads, especially if a certain fit people was a fatty before, then he certainly knows how much effort requires to achieve the goals you have put. Which leads to the believe that everything is possible. Another reason for the positive mind is that the sport boosts up one of the “happy hormones” – serotonin. And it is extremely effective when you are exercising daily.
  3. Fit people have a certain goal. They know exactly why they want to be fit and they have a clear picture in their mind about the results they want to achieve and every flaw that they see in their bodies, which is not part of the picture, motivates them from the inside.
  4. They have a routine no matter what. If you want to be fit, you have to create a habit. There is a research that claims that a habit can be broken or build for 21 days. So, if you manage to create a routine (eating and exercising) for 21 days, and if you follow this routine, you will see that it will become easier and easier for you to follow it ever other day.
  5. The key to success is to pay attention to the details. Try to set daily goals. For instance: ”Today I will do 5 more minutes cardio” or “Today I will drink one more glass of water”. It will be even easier for you if you write down the daily goals.
  6. Visualize the goal you desire. One little trick is to close your eyes and imagine the body you want. Then go to the store and buy pair of jeans and tight blouse, which will fit that dreamy body. Try these clothes every week until they fit you.
  7. Don’t cheat. You can’t eat that chocolate cake, you must do that exercise right now, not tomorrow. Be dedicated in your work and follow the clear path that you’ve drawn.
  8. Find a fitness buddy. If you have a friend who want to achieve similar results to yours, you have to work out together because you will motivate each other. Friendly competition is a good thing when we are talking about getting fit and thin.
  9. Believe in yourself. If you believe that you can do it, you will actually do it, otherwise you will disappoint yourself, which is the worst type of disappointment.
  10. Push your mind and body forward. If one exercise becomes easier than it used to be, than make it harder by adding more weights or more reps. Push your boundaries and you will enjoy the great results soon!


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